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Whats the best way to lose 83lbs

It depends on SO many things.

Do you want a VLCD which means you wont eat but have shakes and bars, but lose the weight very quickly or would you prefer a slower option.

If youre happy to go slower then it depends what plan will suit you. SW is great for free foods, no counting calories or points but personally I dont always find it as convenient as other things. WW is great if youre a snacker or eat out a lot but a lot of people dont like counting points. Calorie counting is another option too. It really does depend on what youre looking for and what will suit your lifestyle best.

One thing is certain though, whatever you want to try, therell be a forum for it on Minimins ;)
Welcome to minimins!

There's no real "best way". What there is, though, is a way that'll work best for you.

If you work very well in a team, are outgoing and friendly, then a method which uses weekly groups might be best for you, such as Slimming World or Weight Watchers (other diets exist which have groups, so google for slimming clubs in your local area).

If you're a bit of a dedicated self-starter with a couple of hours spare each day, calorie-counting is by far the easiest way forward. You don't have to have an hour or two free, but it helps if you want to prepare your own meals rather than eat ready-made.

If you're determined but without a great deal of time, one of the meal-replacement diets might work for you - Slim-Fast, LighterLife, Cambridge, etc.

Understanding how your body works with food to produce and use energy is a tremendous help when trying to loose weight, but be wary of people who want to sell you things. After all, it really does just come down to a very simple equation: Use more energy than you eat.

Check out this Calorie Calculator to see how many calories (approximately) you currently require to maintain your current weight. You might be surprised. Being heavy uses more calories than being light - and this is why people plateau when dieting, as they lose enough weight that their current diet and exercise finally matches their body's requirements.

Ultimately there are two things you must come to grips with:
1: A diet doesn't lose weight. YOU lose weight whilst eating fewer calories than you need. A diet plan is simply a tool to help YOU lose weight.
2: It will take time. Quick fixes are just temporary measures and often lead to reclaiming all that lost weight in mere months. At a healthy, sustainable rate of about 2lbs per week you can get rid of that 82lbs in under a year, so start planning for how great you're going to look at next year's Christmas Parties! :D

Good luck!
I lost 39 lbs in 8 weeks doing lipotrim. It is hard as you cannot eat at all but so worth it. When you get into the swing of it you dont feel hungry at all. I would never have lost all mu baby weight by now if i didn't do this diet. I have bene maintaining for months and I now eat healthily but still go out on a saturday night and have treats. Good luck with whatever diet you choose xx
Because you have a somewhat high amount to lose, what counts as a slow diet would mean about 5 pounds a week loss (sometimes) for you.
The higher you have to lose, the more you tend to lose when dieting at first.
It's tempting, but I wouldnt personally recommend shakes or such, as you need to learn how to eat normally.
I would recommend either WW or SW.. perhaps start on Slimming world as it unlimits average food and allows sensible treats.. when you lose half of it or when on holidays perhaps try WW as it allows more eating out flexibility.

I know exercise can be boring and tiring, but there's no substitute to it. It can be a 15 minutes walk, housework or doing a DVD work out at home.. start as slow as you want, but do make a start with exercise, it could be just dancing in ur living room.
At the moment weight watchers have a promotion of free first class with no registration fee.. give it a go.

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