Original whats the most people have put on over xmas


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I put on 4lbs!! God knows how... It really should have been 40lbs!! As long as your back on track now thats all that matters!


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Don't panic!!!! :)

Your 18 lb didn't all pile on in one day!!! You chose to have 5 weeks off plan and this is the consequence!!!

As for it being a record, it is under 4 lb per week. I'm sure that there are others who have done more damage than that in a week.!! ;)

You know what to do......just get back on plan. Even this gain is a positive experience. Next time you want to take 5 weeks off plan, remember your gain. Is it worth it?!??

Remember....as long as you reach you destination, who care what route you took??


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I put on 6lb in just one week over Christmas, so 4lb per week isn't too bad. Although I had lots of synful extras over that week, I was careful and had SW meals when I could. I dread to think how much I would have put on if I'd eaten what I normally do at Christmas.

The good thing is that you're back on plan now. Before you know it those 18 lbs will be off again.

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I gained 16lbs over the 4 weeks and I certainly know where they came from! As long as you are back on track and doing something to get them back off Hun, thats all that matters...oh and that you enjoyed yourself whilst you gained!! Lol


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last xmas i put on just over a stone in 3 weeks as i didnt go to classes this time i made sure i went and maintained !


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I have put on 5lbs in three weeks. I decided after following the plan for 11 months to give myself a break and I really enjoyed it. I am back on plan now though and determined!


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in 3 weeks i've put on 7lb, but i was away in Egypt for a week of that also x


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I have put on 5lb over Christmas, but i really enjoyed myself which is what counts. I am back on the plan now though so hopefully hit my target this year.


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I was very strict the last 2 xmas's and actually lost weight. This year I was determined to relax and enjoy the food! According to my home scales I gained 4lbs over 4 days! I got right back on track the day after boxing day and yday at my first official wi I had gained a pound from the weight I was at 2 wks before xmas. I was very happy with that.

As others said draw a line under it, its great you sare back on here - and you have learned a lesson!!!


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In just under 2 weeks I have out on about 8-9lb!!! Ooops! I enjoyed it though and am now back on track as of yesterday, I'll soon have it back off again! :)


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I put on 4lbs over the festive season (read December) and feeling lucky that it's not more. I was good when I could be...usually had good breakfasts and lunches etc, but I wasn't exactly good either lol! Cheese and biscuits...yummy but addictive!

Been on plan 4days this week so hope to get a small loss to set me on way today at WI.

Don't worry hun - 18lbs that you've lost once can be lost again...it will get back off in time. Hugs xxx


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I was off plan for 2-3 weeks and put on 6lbs. Trying to stay on track now.



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by some kind of miracle i ate all i wanted drank all the booze and managed to STS :D no idea how but trying to get back on track today

new year new start eh? :)



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I put on 2.5lbs,over xmas.Got my 2st award the week before xmas so hopefully in a couple of weeks that gain will be gone

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I reckon about 1 stone since I was last at class - mine is a Thurs so I have missed 3 weigh ins. I treated it as a good holiday and enjoyed lots of food that I like and only have at that time of year since I never have a proper holiday. I am right back on track and looking forward to the coming year and hopefully shedding a lot more weight. Good luck to all of you with your own journeys.