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What's the most you've ever weighed?


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For me it was when I joined my SW group (first time round) in March 2009, I weighed in at 13st 0.5lb, I knew how much I weighed but seeing it on the scales was still a shock. I was 23 at the time.

I've been up & down like a yo-yo but since April this year I've been doing it myself at home & feeling more positive & focused than ever. I'll never see 13st again :)
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I first joined slimming world in 2006 and weighed 12 stone, then left and rejoined in 2007 at 12 stone 3, left and rejoined in 2009 at 12 stone 7 and joined this year at 13 stone 2.5 :( Everytime I've been the plan has worked for me but I get complacent and give up, then when I know the weight is gonig back on I'm too embarrassed to go back until it finally gets too much.


I first joined in 2003 and weighed about 18 stone,then left and had 2 more kids.
Have been doing it at home since feb this year and started at 17 st 2lbs,and am down to 16st5lbs so it's slowly melting away !!!
16stone10lb the first time I joined SW. My heart wasn't really in it and did lose about a stone but left class and then gained some back.

When I joined this time I was 16stone3lb so even though by my current record I'm 1lb off my 5 stone award, I've actually lost 5stone6lb from my highest weight.
A couple of years ago I would have said it was 19st 10 lbs, but then another child and a bit more choccie eating later and my heaviest weight was when I joined Slimming World and realised I was 20st 7 lbs. I have my head and my heart in the right place this time and am determined to succeed!
27st 9lb. Im sure I was more than that for a while but thats the highest Ive weighed myself at.
17st7lb. That was after 8 months of being unemployed and eating Ben and Jerry's the entire time. Lost about a stone before I joined SW.
17st 12lbs. This was just after Xmas. Been faffing about with certain diets since so have lost just over 1.5st this year, 4st to go!

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3 years ago I weighed 21 stone 7lbs...had chest pains and got a gastric band fitted. Now 9 and half stone lighter I'm beginning to joy life and my babies! I still have another 3 some to go, but I'm enjoying myself with sw along the way.
Im at my biggest now :( 16st 8lbs :cry: will be a lower number later i hope,got my first WI at 7 tonight.
Im at my biggest now :( 16st 8lbs :cry: will be a lower number later i hope,got my first WI at 7 tonight.
Good luck SlimmerGirl!

At my heaviest I was 13st 4 (when I began SW at the beginning of January this year). I'm now 9st 11.5 and feeling much happier for it!
11st 4lb, at my largest - alot for my height. Dont really remember what I looked like at that weight, dont think I have any photos.
Got down to 8st 12lb last year, then back up to 10st 6lbs
Now down to 9st 8lbs x x


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17stone 4 this year in may. I lost 8lbs but after a few weeks off and a wedding im back to 17 stone. Im more focused now and have hardly anything in the fridge or cupboards so I don't eat the naughty foods! I do it alone now too as I just cant afford the class and would rather the £5 go on fresh fruit or veg - although it doesnt seem to go far :sigh:
When I was 19 years old I weighed 17st 5lbs. I managed to get down to 14st 8lbs by the time I was 20 but have put two stone of that back on over the past couple of years which is why I've decided to do something about it... again! x


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13st 8lbs. I lost loads of weight 3 years ago and got down to 10st 10lbs, but the vast majority of it went back on and I re-started at 13st 3lbs.

Slow loser, so this could take a while!!

18 stone (and half a pound) when I started SW in January

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