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whats the mouse like??


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The mouse? Do you mean the mix a mousse powder which you mix up and then put in the fridge?

Sorry to ask like this, but just want to be sure.
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ive never been told about the mousse is it available for ss+ ?
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LOL mice are not allowed!!!

The mousse works well with all the shakes - but you must use really cold water. It doesn't make a very large size pudding though ... and personally I always feel I could have done with more, so stick to shakes.

It makes a consistancy thicker than an angel delight and not as thick as a blancmange.


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I love the mousse :)

I make it using 300 mls of water and 2 scoops and it's like a blamange.

use cold water, mix the mousse powder in your sachet with your dry shake, then add it to the water and with an electric whisk... really go for it, about 2 minutes...

I did a choc one today and chopped up half a choc orange bar, added it half way through the mouse setting.. it was lovely :)

Hope that helps..

Sarah x


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Although I too could have erupted into fits of giggles at this strange thread title,I decided as I am now old and wise to adopt and create a very grown up response!!I have no idea what the mouse is like,as I tend to jump onto the nearest object that is at least 6 foot high when I see one approach............but the mousse is lovely just make sure that you mix the mousse powder together with the sachet in something first before adding to the water or you will end up with congealed lumps which are very unpleasent.Hope that helps


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CryLittleSister said:
Mine turned more like jelly... Lol did I do something wrong?
Wow, old thread! I remember this one from the first time around. How to have mouse is a common question. You'll probably need to use the flesh of several mice to get enough for your SS+ meal... ;) And remember, only white mice. Brown mice aren't allowed. :D

But for mousse, the key is to have ice cold water and to blend your gloop for at least 60 seconds (time it, it's longer than you think!)

Step 1 - Put 150-200ml water into the freezer for 20-30 minutes - until little ice crystals start to form.
Step 2 - Mix a scoop of MAM into your chosen shake packet
Step 3 - Pour the powder over the icy water you've just taken from the freezer
Step 4 - Blend for at least a minute - it helps if you have at least a 500W blender
Step 5 - Put resulting gloop into a pretty dessert bowl and put it in the fridge for 10 minutes or so to set (or into the freezer for 5 minutes if you're in a hurry)
Step 6 - Enjoy delicious mousse!

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