Whats the one thing you thought you couldnt give up ?


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Before starting this diet ?? Apart from the usual nawwwties like sweats, crisps etc etc.

For me it was my cups of tea with milk, I used to get through quite a few each day. Proper tea belly!! :p

I really thought I wouldnt be able to not manage without, but I have discovered I can drink Earl Grey quite happily without any milk! :eek:

I am even thinking of getting a nice Bodum tea pot to try some of the other leaf tea flavours l :D

Deb x
I live on cheese....correction....used to!!

I had cheese sandwiches every day for lunch, lasagne with lots of cheese, spag bol with cheese, cheese on toast for a snack, beans on toast with cheese...you name it, I practically had it with cheese!!

Cant believe this will be my 6th week without cheese.....ooooohhh I miss double glouchester!!!
For me it was pork pies! Used to love the little buggers and not had one at all since I finished.

My vodka lime and soda with dinner each evening ....
Haven't even thought about it up until now .... however am craving cheese big time! Along with ham, chicken, chicken caesar salads, calamari and crisps!
I don't think there's one thing...:( There's more like 20 things... To name just a few:-

Beans on toast
Cheese (definitely)
Vanilla Lattes
Butternut Squash and Red Pepper Soup

:D :D :D :D
it was coffee with loads of milk in for me (had to be full fat too) I thought I could give up anything but that now I imagine I wont go back to it even when I'm finished on the diet
Great thread Deb, I hadn't even considered this before.
It's hard to think then rather than now but I think it was bread, I bake my own and the smell of fresh bread is so tempting.
Strangely the only thing I've had an overwhelming yearning for since being on the diet is chargrilled aubergines, bizarre.
It was fancy cheddar cheeses and Leffe blond beer for me.

Decided to have a weekend off for bonfire night etc and if I really wanted to eat it, I'd have it.

The cheese was just sooooo salty and the beer was not that great either.

I guess we can all change if we just keep going long enough.

I don't remember there being anything I really didn't think I could live without, but I imagine I probably had a pretty hard time without bread products (like you ayembee, pretty much any bread products!).
Currys and red wine

I actually thought I might be verging on alcoholic and used the start of this diet partly as a way of finding out.
Wine and ........ Rice Cakes! They have no taste, have a polystyrene texture and generally are considered healthy. I can remember though sitting on the sofa eating a whole pack ( 500+ calories) trying to feed a hunger that was nothing to do with food. I read in LL book that stress releases Cortisol and that eating release seratonin to combat it , I finally know why I was stuffing these down to make the hunger go - I feel like I have had a glimpse of light and don't feel so hard on myself for being the way am. I know I have to find new ways to deal with stress ( 4 kids and a full time job).

Its funny - I don't miss rice cakes now just all food in general.