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whats up with me today ????

I had my TOTM last week so it can't be that, I have had a really stressful year but I am coming out the other side of it now things are going great. So I am sure why I feel like I could burst into tears at any moment :confused:
I am SSing at them moment but I feel like i could give in and binge at any moment but I am fighting it, I feel like I am battling with the old me who used to turn to food at times like this and the new me who doesn't want to use food to cope :confused:

I don't know whats up with me :cry:
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Oh I don't know why you feel like that Hun but wanted to send you (((hugs))) stay strong Hun you have done fantascic so far xx


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aww I am sorry you are feeling down, we all get times like that, apparently for no reason! You have done SO well you just need to keep looking at that. Christmas is a stressful time of year and also my fav time of year, yes I am a big kid! Right down all the positive things you have in life, its easy to miss them and take them for granted! If that fails come and moan on here or come round here and I will give you a bl**dy big hug! :D
thanks guys its not the diet that is the only thing keeping me going, its life i think things are both great and crap and I am a happy go lucky person but every so often it all gets a bit much and living with all boys is hard going as they just don't get it sometimes lol


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Hi Kerry

Really sorry to hear you are low.. why not do some pampering "me" time, get your nails done, hair, or just do some massaging with creams.. for some reason, it does give you a boost, massage therapy is good for you, and even on yourself.. Give it a go, do some exercise, a sauna or steam maybe and go window shopping, try on some new dresses and remember how you wouldn't get into those before? Then feel the good feeling now.. that you can. Pat yourself on the back and look at the good things in your life that are going on. Christmas is coming up, what are you doing? xx


running strictly on fat!
Yep, absolutely agree with a previous post. Go on, treat yourself and indulge festive time. I would book myself for pedicure (the place where I go sometimes had this fabulous massage armchair - love the treatment!!!) Maybe hairdresser or lashes extensions??? Anything what would make you feel special would do. Last time I felt really down I went for shopping spree - you can do "guilt-free" one and return whatever you don't need later. Whatever you do - don't forget about you fabulous achievement so far this year. Sending you my warmest thoughts xxxx


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Hi Kerry

its our hormones and we just can't control that ... and yes you saying you would normaly turn to food so you feel it more , glad you never gave in ! Roll on today cos tomorrow is a good one !
cheers guys I am thinking your right my nails do need doing and hair is booked for 23rd. Eyebrows are booked in for saturday and I have a party to go to on the 19th so I think a bit of shoping is in order. Being a girl sucks sometimes i think maybe my hormones are playing up its not like me to be so tearful.

Anyway guys thanks for being there and all the great tips I really want the eyelash extensions its just a bit pricey this close to christmas and my car needs tyres and a service maybe I could put it on my xmas list. xx


running strictly on fat!
I really want the eyelash extensions its just a bit pricey this close to christmas and my car needs tyres and a service maybe I could put it on my xmas list. xx
I found the place which does Hollywood Extension for £50!!!! and they do last for up to 6 weeks. So if you do your research and be nice to Santa, who knows? You might get your wish xxxx
Looks like you have everything nicely planned already - good work.
I was trying to book the hairdresser but all the promotions are not valid for December. I tend to go to Headmasters as they have this fab promo on Mondays where full head of highlights plus haircut and styling comes to £90!!!It's still quite expensive but after far too many mistakes and experiments with my hair I can't risk another disaster.
Hope you are feeling a wee bit later - :hug99:***HUGS****- :hug99:- stupid hormones - I used to get it quite often but since taking the pill I am a little bit stable (not there yet though!!!)
Have a fab rest of the day and catch up with you later xxx
well I thought I would get it all sorted and I am going to put it on my wish list for sure.
I am feeling a bit better I am still tired from having my 1 yr old nephew to stay over the weekend I slept on the sofa for 2 nights with him and I didn't sleep very well at all. So maybe i am just tired and emotional and need to just catch up on my sleep.
Hi Kerry,I'm feeling really emotional at the moment and wanting to eat and drink....although I know the diet is keeping me going-think its the dark nights and time of year . x
its so hard at this time of year but we can get through I hope lol


running strictly on fat!
Hope you are feeling a little bit better today hun ....xxxx
Cheers everyone I am feeling much better, I feel things in my life are ok and feeling upbeat.
cheers hun its been a stressfull year for me personal life wise so really I should expect thing to get on top of me really I am not superwomen but I think we can be a bit hard on ourselves sometimes.


running strictly on fat!
I think we can be a bit hard on ourselves sometimes.
To say the least!!!
Hope you are feeling better and Friday treats you well xxxx
i think you are right - we expect too much of ourselves and it can become a little overwhelming on times.

i hope 2010 is better for you (this one is nearly over - hang on in there!).

I am going out on new years eve this year for the first time in years me and hubby are going to pretend we are 18 again and we are going to a club (ok it is a club that is aimed at 30 somethings lol), as I need to show 2009 the door and kick it out then welcome in 2010 with open arms lol.

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