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Whats wrong with me.

Hi everyone.

I just cant do this diet. The first time around it was hard but amazing and i managed to do it for 3 weeks and lose a stone. I had a break for my hen party had a week offand put on 6 lbs, so i started again and only managed for 4 days, i lost 4lbs but have been off it for a week and i cant even bring myself to weigh. I cant even start again because my cdc is away for two weeks and i havent got enough packs to last me 3days. Besides i doubt i will do it anyway as i just cant stop eating. What is wrong with me and my obsession with food and weight. I feel so crappy when i pig out and start to feel envious of people who are well into their ssing. I tried on my wedding dress yesterday and eveen though it fits (a little tight) there is no way i can afford to put any weight on. This weather makes things harder............sorry to go on......i just had to have a moan.

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Maybe CD just isnt the diet for you. Every diet doesnt suit every person, the trick is finding the one that suits you and you can stick to.

Theres no shame in admitting you cant do it, I know I for one couldnt *HUGS*

The important thing is you dont give up on losing weight, if CD isnt the way to go for you, there WILL be another diet out there which is.


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I think most people find it harder once they've come off for whatever reason. Can still be done though.

Have you tried 790? I've heard that 2nd timers have more success with that.

Come on gal...get that head on. You've done it before, you can do it again and 790 will make it easier :)

Best of luck.


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WW, pick yourself back up babe - you've done so well!!!

I honestly dont know how people who can go back to SS who have had a break do it, honestly I dont - I have a vast amount of respect for them!!!

Why dont you do 790? That chicken+salad will be a lifesaver to you to keep you going.. You could even do a week of the 1000 plan til you see your cdc if your packs are low??

Losses on 790 are only half a pound less than on SS.. I started on 1000 plan and lost 12lbs in my first 3 weeks - so the losses on that plan are good too!!!!

You can do it babe, not long til your wedding now!!!!



I can do this.
As everyone has said, u can do it...try 790 for a while and then give ss another try.
thank you

Hi everyone.

Thanks so much for all your support. I feel a little better today. I have had 1 shake so far and feel ok. I think i wil go to tescos later to get some salad and chicken. I have even run out of my water flavourings so i doubt i will be able to consume the normal 4 litres.

By the way sunflowerbride, your photos are amazing i cant wait to put mine up here.

Only 6 weeks to go. I am starting to get sleepless nights, i have so many things on my mind, why do we worry about things when we need to get to sleep, there is nothing we can do about it then so why, it is so annoying.
I started doing my seating plan last night that was quite stressful, which one of my H2Bs mates do i put on the table with my mad family? i am seriously thinking just to pull names out of a hat Lol.........................

Anyway i am starting to feel a little hungry now i think i will have a coffee, then make my way to tescos.

I will probably be back on later.....i need of your support.

Take care triciax


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Dont beat yourself up about the water, get a couple of 2 litre bottle and just get through as much as you can but dont worry about it!!

Enjoy the chicken and the salad, hopefully it will help keep you on track..

If you're worrying about things then start making lists - then you can a) know what you have to do and b) work out how to solve it.. With respect to the seating plan - once you start it stop telling people where they're sitting!!!!!! You'll end up redoing it and redoing it.. On the day people will be suprisingly happy with it and, if they're not, then let them have a go at seating 120 people with everyone being happy where they are! Everyone is there for you and your hubby babe, they'll be pleased just to share it with you.. So dont lose sweat over the table plan (I wish someone had said this to me when I started, I was the same as you for a week or two with seating people!)

See ya later tricia, take it hour by hour babe!


ps - thank you, we're so pleased with the photos, we love them!!

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