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Whats wrong with me...........

:sigh::sigh:I feel really fed up and am sat here trying not to cry I feel so down in the dumps today, this just isnt like me to feel like this, I cant be bothered to do anything.:sigh::sigh:

Sorry to moan but just needed to get it off my chest.:(

And the weather is pants.

And my af is still going strong after 17days.

And I ate a flippin sausage today.:cry::cry:
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No cry.

We love you! Hope you feel better soon,


Serena's title didn't fit
Awww! Not tryin to make you feel bad, but sometimes crying helps? It can be a great relief to just let it out, not saying you must cry but don't worry if you do!

And don't worry about the sausage, you will get back on track now, don't let a small slip up get to you so much, you've done absolutely fabulous so far and had wonderful losses! You can be proud of yourself!!!!

Treat yourself to a nice warm bath + book or something else you like!

Hope you feel better soon!!!
Thanks girls will have a bath later when hubby is home otherwise my kids will of killed each other before i get down.lol.


Serena's title didn't fit
Thanks girls will have a bath later when hubby is home otherwise my kids will of killed each other before i get down.lol.
Oh yes, that would be a horrible mess to clean up! ;)


Serena's title didn't fit
Hi Susan, what's a small sausage between friends (I wish I had a pound for everytime I've heard that, lol)! It's your pesky hormones playing up. I agree with what's already been said....you're doing brilliantly , put it behind you honey and move on now.
Thankyou all, Im just looking forward to bed time so I can wake up feeling better. I think I just need some ME time, with the kids being off school etc Its always about what they want isnt it.xx


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Take care of yourself hun, sure you'll feel better soon, just focus on how far you've come and the end result sure that'll get you through the day... x
Hi Susan
Hope you are feeling better now. Nothing wrong with feeling a bit down now and then and great that you came on here to share it with everyone. As everyone has said whats a sausage - put it behind you and I am sure you will still have a good week. Hopefully hubby came home on time and you had some ME time. Not long til kids are back at school! Take carexx


I am not at my best when the children take over my life - doing a vlcd with the aded stress of bored kids [cos its raining again] is no easy task.
DO not beat yourself up over the sausage - its gone - its done - lesson learned = you feel worse for eating that sausage so was it worth that 30 seconds it took to consume?
I agree with the hot bath - but maybe wait for someone to take over the kids or you will get more stressed when they have wrecked the house in your absence!

keep looking forwards and a big hug
No sweetheart don't feel down. Just look back at what you have achieved! It's not easy! But you did it and you will continue:) A sausage is nothing my dear. The day before yesterday you remember what I ATE!! or you could say gobbled! So don't feel sad. Just stick to the plan. Take it easy. We have been hard on ourselves always but you need to remember that we are with you and you will get through just fine. Try to treat yourself to something every week when you lose abit more. A lipstic, a nail polish, a bag, anything... you will feel good! xx


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hopeing your feeling a little better today xoxox
Thankyou all, im ok now, I went to aqua fit last night and really enjoyed it it seems to of perked me up.

Thankyou all agin for being so nice.xx


Please kick my butt!!
i'm glad hun. xoxox
Hope today is going well :) Not raining here have my fingers X for you. Think thats what i remember when my kids were small 6/7 weeks of them all day every day and no time to even have a cuppa in peace !!! :)

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