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Whats your best part of the day?

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At the mo it would be when the OH comes home as I've been house bound for a while and I'm getting bored of being alone


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I love the peace and quiet of the afternoon when I can relax for an hour or two with my dog for company, and also read for a while - bliss....
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all of the above!! but its half term this week so who knows when peace and quiet may strike!! still they have to at least sleep at some point-LOL
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My fav time of the day has to be about 9:30 on week days as my OH is always in the stufy working, so I have a nice shower, make a cup of tea, get into bed, switch the electric blanket on and have a good read!
At weekends, now is my fav time! OH has gone to work in the workshop fixing a gearbox and i;m watching Saturday Kitchen :D
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About 9 pm, my sons in bed, dh is either at work or glued to his pc and ive finally sat down with a cuppa and a book or a bit of tv. Im not hungry or peckish as ive eaten tea and i can just stop.


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Sounds crazy, but when my 17month old boy wakes me up... ONLY the times I realise he's slept past 5am!! Today for example... Tyler: "waaaaaah Mumumumummm".... OH: "Blimey, it's 6:30" Me: "you're joking right, it must be wrong" lol

Or in the evening when my OH has the night off and I know I won't be on my own with T all of the next day!! (Not like its a bad thing if I am, but you know it gets boring sometimes!)

Oh or any time T has had a good nap and isn't grouchy lol xx
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my favourite time of the day is when i get into bed....
all day and even into the evening is hectic in this house... we have a new puppy now too which makes it even worse... dont get me wrong I love him to bits but he is very full on, wants to play constantly... lol
so, bed is the only peace and quiet I get, until OH starts snoring, and even then I wont get any..... oh how I need to go away to a desert island for a week on my own..... blissssssss
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I'd forgotten about half term week, it doesn't seem to matter what time I get up during that week, somebody is always hogging the computer lol. Could have spent most of early hours today on here as OH was sleepwalking again and I couldn't get back to sleep. Blaaahhh!
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yeah,for some reason my 2 get up EARLIER when they dont have to go to school!! what's that all about?
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yeah,for some reason my 2 get up EARLIER when they dont have to go to school!! what's that all about?
That's the built in annoy mum clock they have that only operates during school hols. They get up earlier, go to bed later, are showered and dressed later and are on a permanent eating mission. Stroll on next Monday!
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Mines bed time, i just love my sleeeep


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Im a real morning person and I enjoy the me time on a weekend morning while the OH has his sleep in! My best friend is also the same so we are often out and about fairly early on the weekends when not at work.

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