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What's your diet routine?


not giving up
I have my breakfast usually porridge about 10.30am (I can't face eating any earlier than that)
Lunch usually soup as late in the day as I possibly can so around about 3pm
Dinner usually porridge again (I'm so rock n roll) about 7.30/8pm as I find evening hard and try to spread my day out.
Weekends are a whole different story I just try and get up as late as possible



not giving up
I like it, only coz i feel like I am chewing something.

I was thinking that about maybe getting them shipped, where abouts in Asia are you?

I will email her now and ask if you like?

I have just had CD pack at 10 this morning. Will try and hold out for my soup until 6pm if I can. Then porridge around 8pm. I find evenings very hard. On Day 1 for zillionth time exactly for the reason I can't get through the evening and complete a full day 1!

Hoping to change that today and complete a full day.
Still not had my first shake yet so far I have had a lager black coffee and a veg water flavouring first shake will be about 12:30, then again at 3:30 and 6. Its later afternoon I struggle with


not giving up
Funny how we all seem to find the mornings easier than the afternoon and evenings. I don't suppose any of you used to skip breakfast before CD and then found yourself starving at home time when you aren't as busy? Maybe this has something to do with it?



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This is a typical day for me.. im so adventurous lol

10am ~ 1ltr of sparkling water, coffee & a choc tetra

2pm ~ 1ltr of sparkling water, coffee & a choc tetra

6pm ~ 1ltr of sparkling water, coffee & a choc tetra

10pm ~ 1ltr of sparkling water, coffee & a choc tetra
I have my shake in the morning before work, around 7am. Then about 2 litres of water/green tea/black coffee in the morning. A chocolate tetra for my lunch with another half litre of water, then a further 2 litres of water throughout the afternoon.

As I'm on step 2 at the minute because of antibiotics I have grilled chicken and salad or tuna when I get home around 7pm, then another shake as a dessert. And another 1.5L of water! Water is the key! Stops the hunger and really energises me :)
weekdays i have a bar around 11am, then a tetra between 4-5pm, then a chicken and mushroom soup at about 7.30pm

weekends, everything's usually about an hour or so later, and i might have the soup first so i can go out for the rest of the day / evening.
Here's mine

9 am or around Porridge or shake

12 or around Usually soup

3 pm bar

6-7 pm light meal of protein and veg or maybe a fourth pack.

I've tried holding out longer between but I just get too hungry and most liable to eat something I shouldn't. It does get expensive I must say.
wake up LARGE water & black coffee

10 - 10:30ish strawberry tetra

2ish strawberry tatra

7 - 8 chicken & mushroom soup with cajun spice

and about 3-4ltrs of water a day & black coffee's on top
I have 4 packs a day and I teach from 5pm until 10pm.

I get up quite late so have soup at around 11:30am
then around 3 or 4 pm I have a soup, a bar or a shake made into a mousse depending on whether I am home or out.
During classes between 6 and 7 I have another soup
Then at about 10:30pm I have soup, bar or shake depending on what I didn't have at lunch time.

I find I can deal with this timetable with no problems and no hunger but if something happens to shake me from that routine I get HUNGRY

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