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What's your downfall?

Is there a food you simply can't resist even though you cannot fit it in to your
points on particular days? :eek:

Is there a day when it all gets too much and "give up" only to start again the following week?:break_diet:

What makes it difficult for you? :sigh:
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Chocolate is my downfall. I try to have something chocolatey every day/every other day otherwise I'd give up lol.

After WI seems to be pretty tough for me, I think Oooo I can be naughty and be good for the rest of the week. Not this time though!
Crisps! If they're in the house - I eat them. I bought I pack of 6 McCoys crisps on Tuesday (mmm, I love them!) and they were gone by lunch time yesterday - I can't not eat them!!!

As for food I can't fit into my day - takeaway pizza. I used to have it every singe week without fail, but now I just have it occassionally - maybe every few weeks. It means a total blow out for one day, but it's worth it every now and then ;)
for me it's indian takeaway. i managed it at one point by having a very light 5 point lunch and then documenting my curry for tea with no bread/rice/chips for the remaining 26 points! clearly not the best of ideas but i was desperate for it! i would honestly eat that every night if i could. home made/jar sauce curry just isn't the same :sigh:
I love convenience foods...Chinese takeaways, Indian takeaways, Pizzas...bad really but they do taste good! I try and think of al the bad things in them and tell myself how disgusted I am by the amount of fat or grease or something. I just try and focus on the bad!!! It works the majority of the time :)

I also have a mini blow out on WI days and try and make up for it the rest of the week. But it always plays on my mind what I might have lost if I hadn't had the blow out. You're only cheating yourself I suppose.

The reason I posted this thread is because I believe if we are aware of our downfalls then we are more likely to try and avoid succumbing :)
chinese food is definately my downfall but sure i like to treat myself once a week. last week i ate chinese food and still managed 2 loose 3 pounds.. jus have to make sure to work it off :D oh i luv fresh white bread aswell.. but iv really cut down.. i used 2 eat bread with every meal and im so proud iv cut rite down!! happy days
Stress is my downfall, i turn to food right away when i am down stressed or worried, like today! :(
Chocolate and puddings are my main downfall, or just too many sweet things throughout the day. As said before if they are there i will eat them.
mmm let me think ..........CHOCOLATE !!!!!!! Bars drinks buttons cake biscuits anything CHOCOLATE!!!!
Mines is boredom.

Eating for the sake of eating when im not actually hungry. I just generally love food and its hard to to think about it every minute of the day.

Like Cupcake, I eat when I'm stressed.. or bored. I end up grazing, even when I'm not hungry. In my week off last week, I was in the house most of the time rather than being out at work, or seeing people, or whatever, and I struggled to NOT EAT constantly. That's downfall numbero uno for me and I am gradually dealing with it!

Number 2 - Chocolate. I felt like chocolate was getting a bit of a hold over me, so I am particularly chuffed that I have managed to not eat it for my Chocolate Challenge. I said 30 days, I am on Day 29 today. Going strong, it really is mind over matter. I am going to treat myself to a galaxy ripple, a creme egg and one of those Malteser Bunnys and then do another 30 days off chocolate. Cos I can! I AM IN CONTROL! :D

Number 3 - Pizza. I love pizza and I can't eat "just 2 slices"... I'm a pig, I eat the whole thing, and having a WW one, or a M&S COU one, doesn't quite hit the spot..! To be honest though, since shocking myself working out that the Chicago Town Better Than Takeaway Pepperoni one is 38 points, it hasn't had the same appeal.

Number 4 - Portion Control - Coming from Slimming World's "all you can eat" to sensible portion sizes has been a struggle but I am getting there with the help of smaller bowls and plates haha.

I think that is it, really. Oh, I also discovered that when I've been having a curry from Asda, the ready meals, as a fakeaway treat, they are actually meant to be 2 servings... oops. I should have doubled the points for those. My bad, won't do it again! So the last downfall would be not reading things properly..!

I do insist though, that when I go out for a special occasion, like when I went out for my birthday to the BEST rated indian restaurant in the whole of Scotland, I was not going to worry about points. I was having what *I* wanted, and I enjoyed it so so much more than I would have done before I started WW, knowing that it truly was a treat. Before, we were probably eating out every 2 weeks or something, it was just what we did, rather than a special occasion.

I rambled on a bit there.. lol :)
Hi, really interesting thread this one.
I have a really sweet tooth so anything chocolately.. the ww bars are nice but just not big enough!!!
Also booze I love a bottle of wine on a Fri and Sat night and although its getting easier to just have one or two glasses provided I have the points I do really wish this was a zero point drink.

My hubby is a junk food addict and since going back on plan (3 weeks) I've managed to refuse : KFC, McDonalds and Domino's x 2.

I must stay strong, I must stay strong and just say NO !

lol x
I'm lucky that my fiance, although he is addicted, has managed to give up the junk too. Not that he needs to lose weight but because he wants to help me...I hold my hands up and say that the reason I'm like this is because I HAD no willpower!
I have quite a few downfalls, sweets, chocolate, crisps, cakes, takeaways. That is what is great about ww though we can have these things, just in moderation isn't it?! Just have to learn to strengthen my willpower lol
I have to agree on the wine,I love wine on the weekend. I know ww has ww wine but I can't find it at my local tesco! :( its 1 point per 125 mL glass.
I'm quite glad I don't drink...more food! lol
wine would be my downfall because once i've had a drink i'll stuff 6 bags of crisp down my throat and not even think about it so i've given up drinking i've now been without a drink for 4 weeks lol I sound like i'm at a AA meeting.
The other thing I find really tempting is baked brie with onion jam and garlic bread

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