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What's your fave dinner for when you CBA to cook?


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My cba/no time to cook meals are JP or smash with a tin of Tesco Irish Stew (3.0 syns on green or EE)
chopped (not cooked) quorn sausages mixed into a tin of beans and microwaved in a JP - tastes like canned beans and sausages.

I follow these with fruit and yogurt to make me feel a bit healthier.
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S: 16st6lb C: 9st6lb G: 9st6lb BMI: 24.1 Loss: 7st0lb(42.61%)
2.5 syns for the WHOLE tin? really? oh dear! I'll probably regret ever knowing that. I can make soup, but wouldn't dare attempt something as nice as an irish stew! xxx
Actually, the Tesco one is 3.0 syns green or EE for 400g can
The M&S one is 2.5 syns for 400g can on RED (but it's expensive).
I love them and like the Tesco one best.
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chicken kebab i know its cooking but i have found a quick way to make it. i put chicken pieces into a pan add loads lemon juice s&p mixed herbs and alittle cajun spices and cook till browning put in a heb pitta with salad or what ever and u have a quick ta.
other quick one i like is omlette or noodles with ham and mushroom stired in sprinkle with alittle cheese


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One tin chopped tomatoes, one tin Tesco taco mixed beans. Heat up together in saucepan, pour over bowl of pasta. Shavings of parmesan on top if I have enough HEA left. Always delicious. Always very filling. And I always have all these things in my cupboard/fridge.


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Gotta be a jacket spud and beans. Love it!
Otherwise a quick carbonara - okay, it's cooking but so simple. Boil pasta, cook some bacon (or add cooked ham) then add to the pasta with a couple of beaten eggs and some parmesan. Yum.


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I love to cook, too, and am on green days. My fave CBA meal is just chucking a heap of different veggies on a baking tray and roasting them, then drizzle in a little Kraft LIght Honey & Mustard dressing (1syn per tbspn), and serving with a pile of VLF CC on the side. I LOVE that 'meal'.

I'm also a fan of the Marshalls Cheesy Macaroni (I actually had a box for brekkie this morning! lol).
Also, if I can't even BA doing that, and I am actually hungry, then I'll mix a pack of cheese smash (around 3 syns for the pack once made, depending on the make), with a 'macaroni' pasta 'n' sauce (1syn I think) and water, some VLF CC & three or so eggs to bind....chuck in a flan dish (or pyrex lid, in my case! lol) and 10 minutes later I can tuck into a large, low syn 'Cheese & potato pie'. It took longer to to type it than it does to get it from cupboard to oven. Perfect!


Trying again!!
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For me it's pasta with a spoonful of Sainsbury's low fat pesto 1.5 syns with parmesan cheese - haven't heard of Marshall's Macaroni Cheese - where do you get it and what are the syn values please?
Steak and micro rice....lol! altho you have to syn the rice its a 3 min meal....well my steak takes 3 mins!!! :D

if im being good a pouch of steam veg in the microwave too - lol! xxxx


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My fave CBA meal is roasted tomato sauce with pasta. Grab a handful of cherry tomatoes, a clove of garlic left whole, sprinkle with salt pepper and a pinch of sugar and/or balsamic vinegar. Roast for 30 minutes. In the meantime cook some pasta. When tomatoes are cooked, crush with a fork, stir in fresh chopped parsley and stir through the pasta. Delicious and easy!

If you want to add a teeny extra step you can throw in some broccoli florets into the cooking pasta a few minutes before its cooked. Then stir in the tomatoes. Great way to add in extra veggies for not much more effort.
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My fav CBA meal to make has to be an 'Egg beano'! Basically 2 x slices of HEX bread, loads of beans and 2 poached eggs on top! mmmm
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salmon n prwans n rice... frying pan.. cook and flake salmon.. add prawsn.. whill going crunch microwave rice (golden rice frozen from asda) and if i worked it out right 1.5 syns for meal and sooooooooooooooo filling :)
Or i boil the rice and make egg rice and then it is freeeeeeeee


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eggs in frylight with a tin of beans!! i love eggs at anytime there is a reason my hubby calls me the carbon foorprint! :(


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I like tinned curried mackerel on toast when I couldn't be bothered to cook. It's nice with salad on the side, or my favourite - brussel sprouts!

Apart from that, I love baked beans and even eat them cold from the tin, yummy.
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tom and herb pasta and sauce, add some extra onion towards the end so it still has a crunch, and grill bacon till its crispy and then let the pasta and sauce sit for a min or so when its warm but not hot, stir in chopped bacon and topp with 42g of cheese. Its gorgeous and so quick. x

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