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Whats your favourite CD product?


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I don't like coffee and don't eat meat.. so there are two there.. lol but it's really a very personal thing. :) My CDC wrote a list of what I liked the sound of.. and then worked it out from there. :)

I surprised myself on the tomato soup this week as I like it, but had read it was horrible! lol
Theres a few that sound lovely, i know i'll love the chocolate ones. But at the same time I dont want to sicken myself with them either, nor do i want to order a bit of everything in case I don't like most of them.
Im stuck lol


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All the shakes on this diet seem to be an aquired taste.

I cannot abide the vanilla shakes, but my mum likes them.

Every week I order 21 chocolate! How boring....
All the shakes on this diet seem to be an aquired taste.

I cannot abide the vanilla shakes, but my mum likes them.

Every week I order 21 chocolate! How boring....
I might have to do the same, have you tried the choc orange or choc mint?
I love the Spicy Tomato soup and also the Oriental Chilli ....the veg soup is ok the rest of the soups in my opinion are gopping !

I like the vanilla shake as coffee whitener ...or as a mousse with a teapoon full of sunshine orange in .and I like the Choc mint as either 'hot chocolate' or mousse. .....the rest of the shakes I can deal with as mousse ...I'm not a milk-shakey sort of person . The bars I can take or leave ...they're not nice ..but they're not horrid either ..I find they coat my mouth ?

Michaela x
I tend to order
- 7 tetra choc (either have by themselves or in a blender with a shot of coffee)
- 7 oriental chilli (make crisps or eat as soup for lunch)
- 7 bars. My faves are Choc & Malt toffee

I usually have a few spares... a bit of variety for if I change tastes so I don't mind the occassional Choc Mint shake, vanilla shake (with coffee) peanut bar & porridge.

I also love the Summer Berry water flavouring and the Savoury Veg powder as a cuppa soup!!

Good luck!!


taking control (again)

I too have been wondering the same as you. I've searched and read many threads. The conclusion I came to is that you have to try them for yourself to find out what you like and don't like. What some people hate, others love. It would be nice to try a mouthfull of each before you start, so you know what to buy, but unfortunately it's not that easy.

There are some I won't bother with, but I intend to try most of them and see.
I think i'll stick to chocolatey ones , strawberry and veg soup. Im quite a plain eater anyway and the thought of some of them make me heave lol

Im very interested in the water flavourers though, I find it hard to drink lots of water but i can cope if there is diluted juice in it, do the water flavourers do the same job?
Peanut crunch bar yummmm could have those 3 times a day if i was allowed. Roll on week 2 i cant wait to get my bars again.:D
I tried the Berry water flavouring, it was nasty, I found it tased aritifical? Just my thoughts lol... i'm a fan of the choc tetra for ease, i like the choc mint too. I'm a plain eater i tried the soups and tbh i thought they were vile!

My CD is boring, choch, choc mint, and the peanut cruch bars are my fav :)
MMM I just Love the Porridge but really dont like the apple and cinnimon one, I also have the cranberry bars and banana milkshakes, but I could live on bars aswell xxx
I have 7 x chocolate, 7 x chocolate mint and 14 x choc tetras a week. I like the orange, toffee and cranberry bars, but find they slow my weightloss.

I don't like any of the soups, did like the porridge but have completely gone off them. x
I buy 2 choc tetras a week and split them over the week and put a dash into coffees (about 2 per day), I then have 2 original porridges a day with a tablet sweetner in, then I make a mousse out of a shake in the evening and then maybe some jelly.

Loved the bars last year but dont like them now, also used to love the strawberry and fruits of the forest and hated the choc's now i'm the opposite.

Yours taste buds definately change!!!


Team 1 all the way!
Mine has to be the Malt Toffee bars, original porridge and choc tetra bricks.
Orange & Chocolate bars, Chicken & Mushroom and Vegetable soups, and the Chocolate shakes...

These will get me through a week no worries, everyones tastes will differ dramatically though....:D

Cat Bee x
I would try them all, everyones tastes are different

I loved the choc mint and the peanut bars now i cant stand them lol


Winning a losing battle!
My favourites are choc, choc mint and vanilla as a latte. Am trying the porridge but not sure I can stand the texture for much longer!

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