What's your favourite childhood read?


Ancient Egypt Nut!
I just took a trip down memory lane when I went for a gander in our local charity shop. There on the bookshelf was the whole "Little House on The Prairie" series by Laura Ingalls Wilder,

Oh how I loved these books and watching it on tv. I still have a couple of the books on my shelf today. "On the Banks of Plum Creek" and "The Long Winter".

I loved it. I can still see nasty Nelly Olsen now with her blonde ringlets!!!

Anyone else remember or have I lost the plot?:D

What was your favourite story?
I used to love watching Little House on the Prairie:)

I used to read all the Enid Blyton boarding school books. Mallory Towers and all that.

Most of the time I read poetry. Always loved poetry.
You took me back there hun. I remember reading all the Malory Towers series as well!!! Loved them!! They made boarding school sound appealing to me....LOL

Poetry....I love it too....wish I had nothing else to do but read it. I would spend all day doing it if I could....x
I loved the Mallory Towers books - I was going to buy the set for my eldest for her birthday but they only had the 'odd' numbers instead of all of them :(
I'm trying to think of the other school book like Malory Towers that Enid Blyton wrote. What was the name of it?:confused:

In my early teens I remember enjoying the Mary Ann books by Catherine Cookson.

I'd forgotten about them
I loved all the Milly Molly Mandy books....oh happy days! :)
I loved the Alfred Hitchcock seris of books featuring the 3 detectives.

That seems to have set the scene for my adult light reading tastes because I love action/adventure books if I haven't got my head in an autobiography :)
Oh yeah The Famous Five.....and also Emile and The Detectives
OOH Mallory Towers, yes yes yes!!!! And I know the other books you mean but can't think of the name...argh!

I read em all!

I also loved "To kill a mockingbird" but didn't really get it's undercurrents til I did it for O level! Bless me!
Me too - I loved it with a passion! I thought it was just so sad but didn't get the mockingbird analogy for a while lol. I wanted to be Scout with her lovely dad (esp when I saw the film with Gregory Peck - awwwww!)
Oh yes, I did too - plus Midsummer's Night's Dream!

Blimey! Think I did WH Auden too - or was that for A level??

Dunno - too long ago to remember lol
We did Macbeth and I loved it.....