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What's your goal?


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mine changes daily, I reckon 2/3 weeks to get to bottom end of 12 then hopefully lose on refeed for 3 weeks as Trace did, touch wood? xx


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mines probably about 7st12.. cos im 4"11..

x x

You look taller in your piccies if that makes sense!:confused:;)

But really you're Kylie sized!:D


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im hoping to get to 11 stone so fingers crossed x


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My original goal changed cause I super emposed my head onto a skinnier model on My Virtual Model and I looked well lush and foxy!:D

My abs were fab and thighs were nutcrackingly good!:D

I just hope reality is as good!


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good on ya girl, you have done really well x
best way intially I reckon, small goals are more realistic
Thanks Missy!:)


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My goals are staggered. Firstly I wanna get under 20 stone before the end of June. That should be achieveable. Then I want to shed a couple more stone before my holiday at the end of July. Ultimately I'd like to get down to around 15 stone before I reassess my goals.
My Goal is really when I look in the mirror and I am happy with what I see :party0011:eek:r at least until I get to the healthy weight of the chart/bmi:D. As i'm only 5ft 2in thats at 9stone 6lbs (i think.)


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12.5 - 13 stone initially... but like Gaz I'll see how far I can go with LT... @ 5'6" (& a half !) my BMI weight is summat daft like 10-11 stone... I was never that when thin !

I started @ 17 stone so a nice 5 stone drop would be good :)
I will be happy once the folds on my back have gone! I know that sounds horrid but eww, i hate them!


on the up lol
I want to get to 12 and a half then i will see from there dunno what size that would be at 5,6 tall been awhile lol :rolleyes:
Oh i love all these threads - Bellyflop your great at starting these!! :)Keep them coming!!!!

Well im a wee one also - 5ft nothing - so i wanted to get to 8stone - and then i thought what the hell - sure i might as well do 2 pounds more and be 7st 12 (sounds muchos better me thinks!) lol

I started out at 11st 6 (thats in the obese category :() and my next goal is to get the to 9stone something - I need to get to 9stone 2 to be healthy - and my lower BMI is 6st 11!!!! If I was that weight i think people would think i have an eating disorder! SO I think 7st 12 is just nice in the middle...

Last time I weighed 7st 12 I was 20 - thats 12 years ago! Its going to be soooo cool to reach that weight again! I never thought it was possible until I came across LT!



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Unrealistically I would like to be 9 stone (I'm only 5ft 4 but can 'carry' a little more' ) I think if I got to 10 - 10.5 I should be able to maintain, keep to a DD and feel a hell of a lot better - October at the absolute latest - earlier if poss as plan a holida and would love to get back in that bikini (see album - friends!!)
I dont act 32 either - plus i have no responsibilities of the normal 32 year old... so think that helps! lol
My first target was to try LT for 7 weeks to see how I go. That finishes next Monday.

Now I know I can cope with LT well I've started looking at a long term goal. I would like to be 'normal' with a BMI below 25.

In the meantime I'm just going from WI to WI, not cheating and seeing how I go.

I'll never be 'normal' in the non-dieting sense of the word - but then I wouldn't want to be!!! Lol!!!;):wavey:

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