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Whats your height and goal ?

I am 5 foot 7, and i have set a goal to get to 11 stone? but i think i may need to get to 10 stone ?

when i was 11 stone before i looked fine! when i got below that i looked like i was on drugs :( but my body shape has changed, so perhaps me getting to 10 stone now i will looke ok .... i want to be a size 12 at the bottom and 10 at the top... at the mo i am a 16 bottom some 14's and a 12/14 at the top :)

whats your height and goal to be?
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I am 5' 8" and at goal (well a bit under, but I like being around 10st 4lb) My avatar photo is me at 10st 10lbs


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Oooh good post!

I am 5 4 and want to be 9 13 - Camilla have you ever been 9 stone before what did you look like? I think I would look far too skinny my boyfriend would not like it!


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Now I feel even more depressed...

I am 5'5" and I want to be 11 stone, even tho I think this is still high, BMI wise. I have never weighed this little, and when I was 12 stone last year I felt great. Now I guess I am aiming too high for my height. Sh*t.
I'm 5'11 and currently at 11stone,my goal weight isn't so far off,i keep changing it but at the moment i would ideally like to get to about 10.2. I'm going away on holiday to LA in August and want to feel great in myself for the holiday :)


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Morning Unreal!

Yes I've been 9 stone I felt really comfortable at that! At that weight I was a size 8/10 depending on the shops!

I say I'd like to be 9 stone but the BMI chart says for our height we should be 10 stone?! XXX
This is a very good thread..

I'm 5'6, was 19 1/2 stone, am 14stone now and want to be 10stone...maybe 10 1/2 but no more than that..

ambitious, I know but we'll se how it goes..



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Im 5ft4.5 and would love to be 9.7 not realistic at my age now though so hoping to get to 10.7


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I'm 5ft 7 and currently 11st 5lbs and want to be 9st 9lbs. Australian sizes are a size bigger than UK. I've been at this weight before and felt hot! and very comfortable in my skin. The loss of my dad and long drives to a new job depleted me and my motivation and time for exercise.

This weight will make me a size 12 jean in the UK and a size 10 - 12 collared work shirt.

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I'm 5'8 and a half but aim my BMI on 5'8.

I originally thought non stop about getting to 10 and a half stone. I started CD at 22 stone 1lb :eek:

BUT!! as the weight has come off, currently 15stone 13lbs (this morning), I'm starting to think that I will come off CD when I feel healthy and look good.

I am still going to get to a healthy BMI, but whether I decide to aim higher or lower than my original target - who knows!!

Bring on the summer!!

Kj xxx
I'm 5'10. I think my ideal weight is between 9-12 stone? It's been a looooooong time since I was around that weight, so I think initially I'll aim for 11 stone.


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i'm 5' 3.5" and have set a goal of 10 stone. Even then that is still overweight so I'd like to get down to between 9 and 9.5 stone.

2 years ago when I was 10 stone I was a size 10. Can't see myself being an 8 but if I could be a 10 again i'd be more than happy.
What a great thread!

I've never not been overweight so I can't say that I want to get back to a time when I was a so and so weight.
So I'm just aiming for a BMI of 25 at the moment which is 11 stone 10. I'm 5'8.
And then I'll see when I get there if I want to change my aim!

Dee x


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I'm 5'6 and would like to get to 11 stone. When I used to be 12 stone I was a size 14, so i'm hoping 11 stone would put me in a size 12 for the first time in my adult life. :D
I am 5ft 3in and i initially6 wanted to get to 10st but would now like to get to 9st 7lb? I started off at 17.4 and am now 12.6 and a size 14 bottom and 16 top (big bust!!) and i havent got a clue what size i will end up at when im 9.7 i just know i havent been that weight since i was 19!!!:)

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