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whats your inspiration???


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I don't think it is really awful, at least it is spurring you on and giving you motivation. My inspiration is people my size who had to lose around the same weight as me, though most if not all success stories are inspirational to me.


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i want to be thin like the rest of my family especially my sister and mum


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I got engaged last month and my ring was his grand mothers, its about 2 sizes too small and same size as a special one my mum got me for my 21st. Neither fit and I want to be able to wear both asap!

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Mine will sound shallow- I don't want to be fat like the rest of my family. I want to be the smallest I've ever been (always been in adult clothes from age 11- but it was height then). I want to be thin. I want a thigh gap so they don't tear each other open from chafing (I have scars from it) and I want a flat tummy because I've never had one.

Obviously I wanted to be thinner for health but if I'm honest, it's for the reasons above, even if they are shallow.
Hi as well as health reasons I am losing weight because:

1. I hate that I have loads of clothes I can't wear
2. All my friends are losing tons of weight but I keep gaining
3. I was slim and fit from running a few years ago and felt amazing, and want to go back to feeling like I did then.

Phew, that felt like therapy! :)
I want to be slimmer for a friends wedding (im a bridesmaid)
I want to stop yo-yoing
I want to make it easier to conceive when the time is right
I want to turn 30 and turn heads in a good way :)
I want to be less stressed about buying clothes,going out and doing what normal people do

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I want to be a healthy weight because I've ALWAYS been the big fat greedy one. I'm now slimmer than one of my sisters and my mum, which even though I'd rather them lose weight as well I still feel glad I'm not the biggest anymore. Gosh that sounds terrible but I've always been the fattest.

I also am glad to see the back of the plus size section in the shops. I'll NEVER go back there.

I have a 3 year old & 5 month old, I was over 18 stone when I had them both & now I'm 14 st & losing well, they'll never know me as huge as there so small.

I was a size 22 on my wedding day and I'm gutted I couldn't do it then. If we renew our vows in 10 years I'll be a size 10!
S: 18st0lb C: 14st11lb G: 9st6lb BMI: 36.7 Loss: 3st3lb(17.86%)
Don't put too much pressure on yourself about trying to conceive and being overweight, I conceived both of mine at 18 st, and so did a friend. Hardly a scientific argument I know, but I think the hcp's go a little over the top with being overweight and trying for a baby.

It's better to be slimmer tho obv :)

Good luck xzx


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I want to be slimmer to be able to wear nice clothes and not the same things over and over!

Also we are saving to go abroad for our first family holiday and I wanna wear a bikini even if I have stretch marks along as I'm slim I don't care lol.
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Probably the obvious reasons including vain ones. I dont want to hate what I see in the mirror anymore. I dont want people to think of me as the "fat" one. I have a super thin sister and I dont want to look ridiclous as a bridesmaid at her wedding next year. I want my OH to fancy me (not just for my personality lol). My health is important too as diabetes runs in my family and I want to try my best not to get it later in life starting now!
My inspirations are people on here. Claire-bear (she looks fantastic) & Laura (MrsLmc - at goal already, I wanna join her there!!)
The lovely peeps on here really keep me going to be honest, there's so many names to name.. Frances, Carly, Tracy, Carrie... such lovely ladies :)
Another inspiration is my Mum who lost a ton of weight a few years back with sheer determination (she has put some on again but is still in a healthy weight range) <-- which is another thing I wanted. I started last year with a BMI of 32. Which is Obese!! :eek: I am now 24.9 (I think) so just within healthy range again.

Another thing I never told anyone was that I had a ring on my left middle finger that I've had since I was 16 (a gift from a friend at the time). I gained weight so fast that I couldnt get this ring off anymore!!! Now it slides on and off with ease (which was a major goal for me even though it seems kinda silly).

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I'm so glad I found this thread !!!! I need thinspiration right now & I love all your reasons for motivation. I'm fed up of being the fattest person on my cul de sac & I also agree wi what someone said about being judged because of the size we are. Keep it up everyone x


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My main reason for loosing the weight is to have another baby. After loosing one a few yrs back at 12 weeks (at 2 stone lighter that I am now) its the thing that is keeping me motivated at the moment.


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My motivation is smaller clothes!

I want to shop in River Island and Top Shop, also to stop wearing jeans and polo shirts! I want to be girly again!

Lisa x


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obviously i have the - wanting to be healthier, fitter and feel better.
but i recently found out that my arch nemesis has lost alot of weight doing ww and that has spurred me on to do it.
is it awful that this is the one thing that truly makes me want to succeed???
I dont think its awful at all id b the same!!

I really wanna b skinney caus i honestly cant remember the last time i had a healthy weight! I want people to be like wow and not t fat one anymore x

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