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What's your motivation?

I woke up this morning and started to think about what was motivating me to do this diet. As it turned out there were hundreds of reasons, but my main ones are.
So i'm not an embarrasment to my dd.
So I can take her swimming.
To have photos of us together on her first birthday.
For my dad to refer to me as beautiful like he does with my 2 sisters.
To not be the fattest person in my extended family.
To live my life to the full (my brother died 2 years ago at the age of 24 & I feel like I am wasting my life, I owe it to him.)
To fit back into my size 14's.
To weigh less than my OH.
As I said there are millions of others, but I just need to think of these reasons to keep me motivated.
I just wondered what motivates everyone else?
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not be the biggest mum at the school gates
to look good in clothes and be a yummy mummy!
be more confident
be a size 12-14 or 14-16
shop in normal clothes shops!
be able to run around after taylor


Step away from the chips!
To be able to run around and play with my children & improve my general health
To not be the fat mummy at the school gates
To be able to buy clothes in "normal" shops
To not be ashamed of my size & my body
To feel desirable again

There are lots of other little things too but the above are the biggies
To be able to eat in public without feeling like people are looking at me and being discusted.

To be able to keep up with my skinny 8 year old daughter.

To look around 'normal' shops without the shop assistants giving me the 'i think you're in the wrong place' look.

To shut my judgemental dad up (he's putting on the podge quicker than I'm losing it at the moment!!!:rolleyes:).

To be able to fit into a gorgous size 10 armarni coat that I got for free (it's only been hanging dormant in my cupboard for 2 years after all!).
To be a thin bridemaid
To fit into all my holiday clothes and not be sweating more than everyone else in Florida
To fit into all my size 14 clothes again (have loads of clothes but nothing to wear)
To find a man and not think every guy that chats me up must be taking the p**s
To improve my health
To not hate all photos of myself


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To feel good about my physical self and regain the confidence and control being slim gives me.
To wear a wonderful wardrobe of size 10/12 slinky clothes rather than black, baggy tents.
To look good when I go out socialising...and to actually want to go out socialising without finding excuses not to go.
To not be the tubby one whenwhen I go out with the girls.
To wear nice sexy underwear and not the belly warmers and boulder holders I currently wear.
To feel sexually attractive again.
To be able to focus on something other than my excess weight...not an hour goes by when I don't think about being a fat monster and how much I hate how I look.
To have control over food and use it as energy rather than as an emotional crutch.
To show all those people that think "oh she is on a diet AGAIN...she'll fail AGAIN" that this time I have kicked arse and lost all the excess weight...because I'm a superstar that never gives up. :D"

Actually there are soooooo many reasons...great post btw. x
What a fab idea!

It's day one for me so I'm soooo motivated, so thought I will list all of my motivators too......then when in the future I am flaking I can look this up and remember all the reasons I started this for:
  • To stop worrying about the way I sit and whether my rolls of fat are showing!
  • To not cringe every time I see a photo of myself or someone gets a camera out or even worse a video camera!
  • To be able to fit into Karen Millen clothes....and look good!!
  • To be able to enjoy clothes in general and wear all of those things I've always been too fat to wear!
  • To look forward to getting ready to go out and feeling like a million dollars when I do!
  • To look forward to things like spa days with friends instead of worrying about putting a swimming costume on!
  • To go swimming at my gym (which I love), instead of avoiding it......again because of putting on a swimming costume!
  • Just to feel gorgeous and sexy again, instead of feeling ashamed every time I look in the mirror!


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My 7 yr old daughter said ' you've got a baby in your tummy haven't you?' - I didn't.
I was fat for my 25 yr old daughters wedding and hate the photos of me.

I'm generally just sick of fat being an issue. My husband says all I've talked about since i put weight on 7 yrs ago is what i eat, what diet I'm on, how much weight i haven't lost.

I totally know where you're coming from about the eating - my husband used to buy my chocolatey things and if I ate one he'd look at me and smile as though I was a child and say are you enjoying that. I used to get really annoyed and say 'oh look, the fat lass is eating a bun, everyone watch!'.

It's so interesting and also really moving to read everyone else's motivation.
Good Luck to everyone on their journey. :D


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My motivations are -

To be fit and healthy for my children
To feel good about myself
To wear what I want off the rails and not have battles shopping
To look great for my Hubby but he always tells me I look great.
To do something for myself and show people I have great willpower!
to stop those pity looks that family give you when you've not seen them for a while, you know, the 'oh, you're still fat' ones
so I can eat in public without feeling like everyone is looking at the fat girl stuffing her face
So I don't spend every minute of every day hating myself for being fat.
So I don't feel self conscious walking down the street.
So my children will feel proud of me
So my mum would be proud and happy for me.
So I can buy some nice clothes that I actually like, rather than what fits me
So that I don't feel sick when I look in the mirror.
So that I'll be able to strip off in communal changing rooms
So I can wear trendy clothes
To walk into any clothes shop without wondering "Will anything fit me in here"
To actually feel beautiful
To wear a skirt without my legs rubbing together
To not be knackered walking up a slight incline
To stop buying XL anything
Look forward to summer instead of thinking i can't wear anything revealing
To look forward to going out instead of wondering if i'll be the fattest person there
To not dread photographs
To be able to go to the swimming pool without feeling like everyone's looking at me
To make myself proud
To be able to wear all those clothes in my wardrobe that dont fit
To be able to wear short skirts
To look forward to family get-togethers to show of my new figure
So I don't cringe when any1 hugs me and touches my 'chubby bits' (pretty much any of me really)
To have more energy rather than being constantly tired due to being overweight.
So I no longer feel ashamed and disgusted that my BMI falls into the 'Obese' bracket
To not be completely comparing my self to other girls my age
To wear clothes ive longed to wear without having to hide any bits
To love my self
To not get upset when i eat food and feel majorly guilty
To feel fabulous!!!


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AMEN Lisa! Totally agree with all of those.x
Mainly health reasons I have a few conditions that are made worse due to the extra weight and I need to get back to some reasonable quality of life, but also to feel less self conscious about myself its not the motivation but it will be a happy side effect ;)


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Ok. here goes;

To feel sexy again
getting older and fatter
to be healthy
to wear lovely clothes on a night out and concentrate on having a good time and not worrying what I look like
to go to a reataurant and eat what I want without thinking people are judging me.


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so i can go swimming more with leah
wear a nice pair of jeans
have a normal body shape!
wear a nice LIGHT coloured dress for leah's christening in july
not be the "fat friend" and confidence booster for other friends
wear a nice LBD for my 21st in january
not have to hide my stomach when i sit down
have more energy
enjoy summer without covering up with dark clothes
wear vest tops without worrying about my bingo wings!


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To be healthy so I can be there as my kids grow
To not be afraid of being slim
To feel comfortable in my own skin
To wear what I want not what fits
and probably every other reason that you guys have already listed!
I want to slim down because I am getting married in August. It was to be August 2009 but as my mum's illness had taken a turn for the worse we have brought the wedding forward to make sure that she will see me wed. That's another reason to slim, so mum can be proud of her "beautiful daughters" and really mean both my sister and I.
Sorry, bit of a sad message.
The very best of luck to you all, though you won't need it - you are all strong people who make your own luck (and shakes, and muffins... :p)


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