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Hi all, seriously considering trying slimming world as did cambridge put it all back and more and cant do that any more!! Ive done ww more times than can mention and have been sw twice before but never managed even a week.

Im thinking with ww I know diet inside out and so get bored very easily whereas ss I have to think about but know from my feeble attempts in past I easily get stuck in rut of same things to eat every day and then get bored.

Really my query is anyone doing sw what do you really think of it?? Im a very very big girl and have at very least 7 stone to lose which would still be big but I would be happy with so ive got o be in it for the long term.

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Hey - this is the first diet Ive ever done and I love it - Im losing weight and am able to eat pretty much whatever I want (in moderation.) I cant compare this to any other diet because as I said Ive never attempted to diet before! But what I will say is that the advice, motivation and support (as well as the challenges) on here really help me stay on track - its a great feeling knowing you're not on your own! x
Hi there,

Just wanted to say that I've found SW brilliant. I know what you mean when you say you end up eating the same things all the time and really regardarless of what diet that you're on, if you do that you ARE going to get frustrated with it. SW is the one eating plan that allows such a variety, you've got loads of stuff/ways to choose from.

With SW you also have an abundance of support to make sure that you always have an idea up you're sleeve. There are the books, (i've just bought 2 off ebay for pennies literally) the forums/boards here, the joining info, your SW lady, loads of support to make sure that you suceed.

I hope you do try it again and wish you all the luck in the world.

I love slimming world diet, its the best in my honest opinion.
I got stuck in a rut, but found visiting the site everyday has given me the motivation i need to keep my head above water and not to binge out on the first oportunity something goes wrong!

The others are right in what they are saying, like with any diet you have to have things in moderation, but also the bonus with SW is that if you are hungry you can eat free foods, that just doesnt mean veg! as with some other diets, You can have (on a green day) baked beans, spagetti, potatoes, eggs etc all as a added bonus should you be hungry, You can even have syn free chips which are lovely! On top of that you can have 5-15 syns a day to use on what ever you want!
What more could you ask for.

Wish you all the luck in the world
Ruthy xxx


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You can get stuck in a rut with any diet if you get too 'comfortable' with it. SW has very little restrictions so you can easily vary your menu to keep you interested. Also, with 2 plans to work from you have even more choice. Buy the magazine every month. They print a 7 day menu plan.

Good luck, it's a great plan x
Yes i agree with Taz, there is so much you can choose from.
Have you decided what to do.
Ruthy xxx
slimming world

I too have nearly 7 stone to lose and like you tried ww and sw loads of times i went for a consultation at lighter life but i thought how can i go on not eating food i know it works really well but i need to eat and eat loads, and on slimming world you can do that you should never be hungry if you run out of points on ww you cant eat anything else but with sw you have free foods to eat whenever i think the key is variety and try to get recipe ideasxx
Variety is definatly the word in this diet you have to have something different otherwise you will get bored, i always eat savoury rice but i have cut down on it a hell of alot because i was getting bored with that too.

Good luck anyways
Ruthy xxx

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