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Wheat intolerance?

Hi there....

Just wondering if anyone here is Wheat intolerant, or has a wheat allergy?

Week before last was the trigger week in RTM for bread. I followed the guidelines, and never had more then I should have, and only had it 5 of the 7 days instead of the reccomended 6 of 7 days.

My weight spiked!! 8 pounds worth! I have ommitted it completey this week to see, and the bloat is gone and I feel like the weight was more bloat then anything else, as everything still fits the same. Wierd!!! Really caught me out, and made me see just how sensitive our bods are.

Nothing else was done differently that week, the addition of bread was the only change, so that makes me wonder if I am intolerant?

Just wondering how you know and what it does to you - what the symptoms are? I am certaqin it is nto an allergy as I did not get ill, but may be I am merely intolerant?

I posted this on RTM too, but feel there is mpore of an audience here so thought more ofyou will see it here too.

RTM is scary folks!!! lol All sorts of surprises around every corner. SOme better then others! ;) :D

Thanks a lot!

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Gone fishing
Talking about an intolerance rather than an allergy as you pointed out :)

I don't think a weight gain is a common symptom of an intolerance, but I do think that some foods cause water retention more than others and what can be a problem for one person might not be for the next.

Bread could be your problem food, but not necessarily wheat.

Once you start getting into wheat intolerances, it's a whole new ball game. There are so many foods that you can't have.

Even quorn sausages have wheat in them :(

Hang on...more in a mo


Gone fishing
If you remember, those snippets I cut and pasted from my own 'dairy' when I got to goal showed that I put on weight with just one slice of bread...yet I eat bread in normal quantities now without a problem.

A packet of crisps one day will cause a 2lb gain the next. But when I don't eat crisps, I lose it straight away...so I just don't have crisps every day.

Be really careful of labelling yourself until you are absolutely 100% certain otherwise you'll end up being a slave to food forever and that's what you are trying to get away from.

BTW, these are the common symptoms of wheat intolerances

• Watery, itchy eyes which may be swollen and heavy feeling eyelids.
• Runny nose, excessive mucus or burning and blocked nose.
• Earache, ringing in ears, burning sensations and itching.
• Feeling faint and dizzy, a heavy feeling, headaches
• Swollen stomach with bloating after eating, flatulence, cravings for food
• Weakness, fatigue, cold hands and feet, swelling of limbs, face, hands, feet and ankles
• Swollen joints, fluid retention, obesity
• Depression, apathy, poor concentration, mood swings, aggressive behaviour, excessive sleeping

Taken from here though similar lists elsewhere
thanks KD. I just had a re-read of your snippets - I had forgotten you had an issue with bread too.

I am glad to hear its alright now!

I was just so surprised - I cold feel I was bloated and that lasted all week - I just didn;t expect it to be that instantaneous a reaction, nor so severe!!

I wouldn;t label myself with anything without getting advice from my docs, etc., jut wondering if that was a sign of it - or more a sign of my body not knowing what to do with al these new substances being imposed upon it!! lol

Time will tell. Fingers crossed that some of that weight is gone tonight at WI.



Gone fishing
I wouldn;t label myself with anything without getting advice from my docs, etc., jut wondering if that was a sign of it - or more a sign of my body not knowing what to do with al these new substances being imposed upon it!! lol
I knew you wouldn't label yourself really :D

Just seen others do it, so wanted to slip that in :D


Creating my life
I have a gluten intolerence, possibly Coeliacs, and my symptoms are (brace yourself!) a very, VERY bad case of the runs that lasts about 4 hours. I cant eat Wheat, Rye, Barley or Oats...even a crumb and I am ill. I wouldn't wish it on anyone!

I do think though a lot of people get bloated with bread or other wheaty products. There's a theory because it was one the the last foodstuffs we started eating we haven't evolved to cope with it yet!

There are about 1 in 100 people (in Europe) who are Coeliacs - some with no symptoms at all so they only find out through a blood test. Apparently it's more like 1 in 20 Irish people. I'm of Irish descent myself so maybe that's where I get it from. It's diagnosed through a blood test then a biopsy but you have to keep eating gluten for it to work - I didn't so I'm not officially a Coeliac - I couldn't put up with the symptoms.

If you want to know anything else please ask - but its all kinda yucky!
THanks KD :)

Coley, that sounds awful.

I think, and am hoping, with me its more a matter of my body adjusting to it all again....and that it will sort itself out. It may mean bread just becomes an occasional treat, but not part of my regular diet.

I'm relieved that others have had similar reactions. My knee-jerk reaction is to immediately think I have done something wrong - so again, will try and relax and see what happens this week.

I must admit - today I popped 2 pringles in my mouth. It is my last day of RTM, and thought, why not - its the trigger week for crap foods, lol, so I did. I was more curious, then desirous if that makes sense. And they are not a trigger. I do NOT want another. LOL GAck!! I used to LOVE them!!!!!!! They're HORRIBLE . ANd within 30 minutes, I had a horrible stomach ache that lasted for about 35-40 minutes - very painful. I felt I had been poisoned, and I suppose after 9 months of abstainance and 12 weeks of healthy eating - my body probably thought it was. It was very eye-opening about how sensitve my body is. ANd it was a good thing. Horrible things!!

ANyway - onwards we go!!

Thanks again peeps for your comments!


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