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Wheeeee! Another hurdle crossed?


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Hi there,

I am just going into my fourth week of my 'new approach' to healthy eating and things are going brilliantly and I am that focused and positive this time that it is incredible!

I am not, as some of you may know if you have read any of my posts, doing the usual weighing of foods or counting calories etc and neither am I having set dates or times for getting weighed each week; I have thrown out my bathroom scales as past experience has shown me that the temptation to jump on the scales every day (sometimes several times a day) has been my downfall many a times during my years of yo yo dieting! If i get on and they show I haven't lost much or stayed the same then I get despondent and if I ever gained weight for any reason, then it inevitably spelt disaster with a capital D and I would just go completely off the rails! I cannot stand to put myself through all that malarkey again and to do so I am sure would result in my failing yet again! Anyhow, I realised that if ever I was going to get my weight off then my whole approach to losing weight and getting healthy just had to change and so I have totally tried to recondition my whole thinking process! Instead of compulsory weekly weigh ins, I have chosen every so often to go to Boots the chemists and use their scales and as I haven't had time this week to get into town I have no idea what they may now be registering, but do you know what - I couldn't care less what the scales say anymore as I know I am eating sensibly and as I am not in a race or worrying about meeting any set targets I will just take every day as it comes and every loss is a loss in the right direction! Whatever happens I am determined to become as healthy as I possibly can and I am determined to change my life forever!

Anyway, the real reason for my post is I just had to share with you my euphoria and tell you about my latest accomplishment!

Yesterday tea-time my married daughter rang me and asked if myself and her dad would like to go out for a meal with her and her husband that evening to our local Indian restaurant and my initial thoughts were "Oh no I can't" but then I thought about it and decided that me and my husband could do with a night out after all the hours we have been putting in at the moment at our seaside gift shop and we are both so tired plus it just seems like all work and no play! Anyway, after considering the matter for a few seconds I decided it would be nice to spend an evening with our daughter & our son in law but instead of all the usual Naan bread, onion bhajees and creamy curries that I would have normally ordered and stuffed myself with in the past I decided I could choose a tomato based vegetarian dish with simple plain boiled rice and I was sure I would enjoy the evening just as much. Also, I decided I did not have to wash it down with a couple of bottles of ice cold, Indian beers and a bottle of wine like I would have done previously and a couple of glasses of diet coke with ice and lemon would be more than enough! So therefore, after my intitial doubts my mind was made up and instead of turning down the invitation I decided that this was to be an important lifestyle changing moment for me and therefore I happily accepted the invitation.

We had a lovely evening sat there chatting together and I enjoyed a tasty vegetable rogan with plain boiled rice - I left half the rice as it was quite a big portion and as I felt quite full I decided there was no point in forcing it down me was there? I felt so proud of myself and felt such an enormous gush of pride knowing that my old habits of the past had not risen to the surface and let me down as they had so often done in the past and I was able to sit there in the restaurant watching everyone else tuck into their naan breads and the like and not feel at all envious or tempted in any way! In fact, I found myself thinking "thank goodness I am not feeling all stuffed and bloated like they must surely be feeling!"

What happened last night has proved to me conclusively now that my way of thinking has definitely turned a corner and that no-one who wants to lose weight sensibly has to steer clear of going out for meals and enjoying their food etc and providing you are determined to opt for the healthier options on the menu socialising can still be great fun!

By the way I think there was a method in my daughter's madness though ...... cos mum and dad footed the bill ha ha! :)

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'Silence' tells a far greater story about how people think than we realise and often reveals far more than it actually says but in your case it is very much a matter of 'in name' only and your words of acknowledgement are very much appreciated!

Thank you for taking the time to post. :):)

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How very philosophical.
I actually chose the name influence by my favourite quote from the book "The Bell Jar" by Sylvia Plath: "the silence depressed me, it wasn't the silence of silence, it was my own silence".
Although, I am, by nature, a quiet person. :p


I know I can do it...
Sooh - congratulations on making the right decision for you.

It's so easy to turn down these invites and miss out. At the end of the day, we all need to learn how to cope with these situations other-wise we will always return to our old eating habits.

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