Wheel fell off the wagon.....putting it back tomorrow with new committments!


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Well I didn't fair too well with my start and 21 day challenge pre -Xmas, its now reduced to a 16 day one. I commit to;

:eek:stay close to minimins as I know the support here is great
:eek:drink the water
:eek:be 100% abstinent
:eek:stay focused

Anyone want to join me in my new committments?

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Day 1 going strong

Well I seem to have gotten off to a better start than 'as per usual' Made up a 2L bottle of warm water with F of F flavour and am glugging away. I don't know if you're the same but I have this thing about 'it works better dependant upon my environment...' The LOUNGE hasnt worked for me and so I'm assigned to the conservatory (with heater at feet) and Christmas tree twinkling. It's working so far...maybe I associate the LOUNGE with eating...who knows! I didn't sleep too well last night as I was thinking about being 100% ON rather than 50/50 resulting in 100% OFF!

Todays goal;

:)4 foodpacks
, :)only 1 bar
, :)3-4 L water
, :Ddo toning plate that is gathering dust in garage,
:8855:walk dog!

I will check in later to tick the boxes of achievements and give myself some smilies!

Hope it's a good day for you guys too whether you're on a Ketosis roll or whether like me you're on a reattempt at day 1! Off to the arcade.....



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Good on you WW... great idea - looking forward to seeing those commitments ticked off later :D. You can do it!! xx


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Day 2 Attempt 2

:cry:Well as far as day 1s go, it was perfect but wasn't SO disastrous also, had worse, not had better for some time. 3 L water check, 3 foodpacks check, Vodka/Olives/handful fries.....:break_diet:crept in to the equasion...night time with friend over whilst Mamma Mia on and takeaways all around.....yikes...:8855::eek::8855::eek::break_diet:

Today 1 pack down, on with the water and feeling OK. Never as plain sailing as the first time...

Thanks for your support ladies, great being on here! Hope you all have great days.:D

One Q; why does this thread not appear on main forum when you select 'New', also cant find it in LL forum section?:confused:

Many thanks, xx:cool:


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Day 3

Day 3 ...headache!

Today I have a real muggy head, guessing I should be embracing it and thinking Im in K! Must keep up with the water also! Had a busy morning already, run errands but still lots to do, not to mention christmas shopping! Todays goals;

3-4L water:wave_cry:
3 packs , 1 bar (had 1 bar/shake :wave_cry:already!)
:wave_cry:NO NIBBLING

Wish me luck, x:break_diet: