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When and what alcohol??

Thank you Chubbymonkey xx WOW you've done brilliantly. Is it just Atkins your following? xx
Thanks, No I started dieting at the beginning of April but on a diet called Lipotrim. That's what I lost most of my weight from.

Been on Atkins for over 2 weeks and lost 7lb in first week and 4 in the second.
I drank dry red wine most Friday nights on induction, and G&T occasionally as well Lize
I drank dry red wine most Friday nights on induction, and G&T occasionally as well Lize
Hi Jim, when you say you drank red wine, how much would that be? I am also trying to get the balance right after going back on my eating plan but realised can't go completely dry.
ah well blush a bottle or 2


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:party0036:LOL party at Jim's.

I love red wine but it stalls me bigtime :( - although that could be the quantity :eek:


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No alcohol = no hangover + no gain.

Remind me I wrote that next Friday!
I had a LOT of vodka and diet coke on friday night and haven't lost much since, so I think i'll be avoiding any to be honest! (plus I can't cope with the hangover anymore, getting too old lol)
ah well blush a bottle or 2

It doesn't make you a bad person ;)

I actually find that very reassuring that there is life whilst dieting :)
:D and i still lost weight :bliss: :bliss:
  • I love this forum!! it always makes me chuckle.....after biting the bullet i settled down to watch BGT with a vodka and diet redbull, it had been three weeks since mothers ruin had kissed my tonsils the build up was huge,showered,soap and glory applied,libreally,comfys on,favourite glass, ready to go...did i enjoy it NO didn't even finish it, it tasted sooo sweet and sickly and to be fair i don't beleive it was Asda's own brand that was to blame. My taste buds are a changing,i'll let you know how they cope when i go head to head with a glass of rose.....xxx;)


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careful with rose. it's sweet so very carby. red or really dry white.

and jim lost, but jim's a bloke. he was a big bloke, now he's a skinny bloke, and i can't get away with the same things... dabnammit!!

abz xx
God yes abz, i was a huge bloke thinking back, now I'm just a lightweight and a pensioner to boot LOL, LMAO


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Remember alcohol takes priority over fat and carbs as a fuel.

If you're on Atkins and drinking, the fat burning stops and your body burns that alcohol before reverting back to fat burning. Imagine it's like a temporary stall in your fat loss!

I don't mean to preach, just want to make sure everyone knows the consequences!

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