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When best to start CD

Hi all,
I am thinking of re starting CD, only trouble is I have a wedding to go to on 6th June, and go to Wales for 5 days on 7th July. My son is getting married on 10th October which is my reason of returning to CD. My problem is do I wait until after the first wedding before starting, or wait until after Wales, or go for it and start sooner, but I am concerned about the breaks in between making the journey even harder. Advice please??????????
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you could always start now and take your packs with you.. or you could do a low carb thing until after all your things to do.. and therefore making it easier to get into ketosis when you start cd.. and you could also lose weight whilst doing low carb to kick start you off..

x x


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no time like the present! I was the same thinking oh ive got this event and then this one and then i thought theres never gonna be a convient time so just start now x
no time like the present! I was the same thinking oh ive got this event and then this one and then i thought theres never gonna be a convient time so just start now x
I agree with the others hun, seize the moment! If you are feeling like you really want to start and get that weight dropping off you NOW, then just get going. There will always be things coming up that you would ideally like to be eating/drinking, you need to be strong and just keep going through it. Take your packs with you, or as Dancing suggested, move up the plans for a couple of days so you can control your eating without damaging your efforts.

Good luck hun x
im really sorry but i have to just give a warning, i did CD without cheating and then an event came up and i thought i could deal with it. I couldnt, i never got back on the wagon for longer than about 2 weeks. I couldnt deal with missing out, loads of questions, and pressure from other people.

I know i shouldnt go against what everyone else says, but i just want you to be prepared. CD is the best diet ever, but was definately the hardest for me xxx
Thanks for all your advise, the problem is it is a family wedding with sit down meal. and the break in Wales I am taking my 81 year old Mum with me, and if I dont eat she will not eat on her own, so I know that on both occasions I will break the diet. So thats why I was wondering if it may be better to not start on CD until after these 2 difficult occasions. I get the idea that it is very difficult to return to CD after a break.
That is true hun, once you break it, it is so hard to get back on.. ok so some people can do it but I sure can't. Leah does have a very good point. I would just suggest doing a different diet in the meantime where you CAN eat, and if you then still want to do CD maybe do it after these big events? It has to be your decision hun xx
It is strongly advised that you do preparation for CD, so why not formulate a nice low carb/low cal diet that is easy to stick to on your hols.

I am sorry to have turned the opinion around, but i had to be honest.
Start now, then take your packs with you on holiday (or maybe follow a low Carb plan that week).....it's too easy to put off starting the diet, then before you know it, the time has run out & you haven't got anywhere.

Good luck !!!

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