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When can i introduce flajacks

hi hun 1st time round I started wk 4 but be warned they are an aquired taste but on the upside they doe increase your water intake as they are quite dry but its nice to chew something enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xx


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no gum, no nothing really, the flapjacks were on week 2 for me and yukkkkkk!
No gum, not even sugar free stuff. As for the flapjacks if you think you'd like sawdust mixed with dried compost then try the coconut flapjack. Actually compared to the flapjacks that combination sounds quite tasty. I had my first one today and it's probably going to be my last. Still everyone's tastes are different. So you'll have to make up your own mind on the subject but don't buy to many just in case. Good luck. Pat.
personally i havent gone near them...too many bad stories...i heard one description of it being a shake just compressed to a solid...and if uve tasted the shakes when in the packet..urghh each to there own though but dont say u havent been warned lol x

xx Cathy xx

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I'm in middle of week 3 and I'm having a peanut flapjack a day and not affecting me. I had 3 last week too to try. Pharmacist didn't say anything about waiting so many weeks.


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I find the best way to eat the Flapjacks is with a large hot sweet tea or coffee - almost having a mouthful of drink at the same time as eating them lol. They are an acquired taste but do make a change from drinking all the time.

I would always advise trying at least one - your palate will change so much you might grow to like them
When I first started LT I hated the flapjacks (like most people) I thought they were gross but after two months I tried them again and thought they were delicious!
Weird but true your tastebuds change so much.


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I love them! Sometimes I even have more than 1 a day hehe I know you're not supposed to do that but what can I say, I'm a rebel, and if I'm hungry it really does the trick ^.^
I had to try them even though I heard horror stories about them!

They weren't for me, too dry, like cardboard. They're an acquired taste.

I haven't tried one in ages though. I have one in the cupboard, I might just give it another go to see if like others, my tastebuds have changed.
Introduce whenevr you want,not all that great though
Lol Bells I know exactly what you mean!!! When the shakes are dry - URGH! :jelous:

I had a lump in one of my drinks once, a dry lump thing, and I bit into it and it was absolutely rancid!

But yeah, I personally do like the flapjacks, I didn't at first but after a while they do grow on you :)

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