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When can we have...


One last chance
Got to say, it will be after refeed......and then only with caution. If you are anything like me, I can eat a whole baguette with butter and cheese until it's all gone.....I don't miss it, I know it can be a trigger for me so, personally, I shall be giving it a W-I-D-E berth!!!!!
congrats, suppaslima, you are just wonderful, you know yesterday I looked at myself in the mirror (naked) and I thought "not bad" for the first time in many years, so .................
Hi preciouschild, well done for taking that huge step and finally liking what you see in the mirror.:love: I just LOVE reading about Lipotrimmers triumphs, they are so deserved after all the hard work and discipline they go through. I know (before LT), that my self-esteem was SO low, I used to wake up at 4.00 a.m. every morning, depressed and worrying about my health as well as what the hell I was going to wear that day top look half decent. Thanks to Lipotrim and all the amazing help I have gleaned from all the members on here, I have arrived finally, to totally liking myself, and my confidence and happiness has soared......The downside...????? Spending money on clothes, shoes, bags and accessories like I've won the lottery.....!!!LOL.


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there is 230 calories in 100g of ciabatta and 100g of baguette is 240 calories

if you count the calories i guess once refeed is over you can start to eat them - personally i wouldnt bother with them being a huge chunk of ur daily calorie intake


One last chance
I see, not worth it by the looks of it. Oh and you know mushrooms, do you guys eat them raw or boil them or bake them? what's better? I really want to try them


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i have mine raw but i am planning on having a 'bacon butty' on sunday morning so wil grill them with the 'bacon'

2 slices of ww brown bread
2 turky rashers
6 mushrooms grilled

will have my shake for lunch instead of brekkie :)


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I like mushrooms raw in salad and I like them in stews, casseroles, bolognese and the like. The great big ones can be cooked in the microwave - just for about a minute or can be stuffed and baked in the oven or under the grill. x