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When can you have coke zero?

Oh crap!! I bought some today :cry:
I started the diet 5 days ago, my CDC said I could have it straight away, I have had coke zero and Dr pepper zero like my CDC said I could and I feel like i've lost. I phoned her today to see how many I could have and she said no more than 2 glasses a day.
Carol x
My CDC said no more than 1pint per day is ok... there are a few people on here that have diet coke and coke zero and say it hasn't affected their weightloss HTH
All I know is that when I talked to my CDC last week she said that according to new guide lines it was a big no no. All CDC's seem to say different things though so it depends if they go by the old guidelines or the new.


The Diet Guy
The current and official guidelines that we released in the past month now state that all zero calories drinks should be avoided.

Therefore the recommended fluids are water, cambridge flavouring, leaf based tea and black coffee (no flavoured ones such as boaters).



Silver Member
Hi had zero coke from the begining and have had no problems ,some peeps say it slows weight loss down but I dont think it does.I have 1 can a day but the drinks guide in my new book does not list zero coke .


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
It's not so much that each CDC says something different as our guidelines are pretty clear... zero calorie drinks are no longer recommended. However, EACH PERSON is different and some people are not as ketosis sensitive as others and can, therefore, add little extras here and there with little or no effect whilst others are affected by the tiniest thing.

Trouble is how do you know which one you are until you try it and is it really worth it for a fizzy drink that's no good for you anyway when you can have sparkling water with a 1/2 tsp of water flavouring????

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