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when cc do you consider fat in food?

i use my fitness pal to calculate the fat carbs and protein in the foods im eating, and it also calculates the cals so really helps u keep on track, i regularly go over in protein but still have lotsa cals, fat and carbs left, but i reckon proteins better than any of the rest lol check it out here www.myfitnesspal.com xxx
Mostly cals, but as above I'm on myfitnesspal and I try my best not to go over recommended fat in take. x
hey lindsey how many cals u on if u dont mind me asking? i dont do calorie counting really i just try to eat healthily but i do try and keep to the recomended amount (1200 for me on mfp) xxx
aww what i want more! lol xx
I get more because I'm only aiming to lose 1.5lbs per week and I'm well fat... It keeps going down the more weight I lose.
I'm on 1300 even tho it recommended 1200 coz I is a greedy bag and 1200 is just to hard lol I do aim for 1200 but I don't consider myself over at 1300 :)

I really watch my sat fats but tend to ignore the rest!! My sugar is always over which I should probably sort out really!!!

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I've personally found that the higher fat the foods are that I eat, the slower my loses are.
For example, I eat 1200 NET calories a day. If I were to eat 1200 calories worth of chocolate everyday for a week then I know for a fact that my loss that week would be much less than say if I ate 1200 calories worth of apples that week. (Note that I don't recommend only eating only one food for the whole week lo!)

Of course you're going to eat food that are quite high in fat sometimes, just try and keep them in moderation and you'll be fine :) There's not a thing wrong in having, say a quiche for your dinner or another typically high fat food. Just make sure you eat plenty of fruit and beg along with it.

I roughly try to aim for a little thing I can 'thirding it' which is for every 1/3 of my plate that I have a food with a fat content (such as quiche, cheese products, meats) then I try and fill the other 2/3 of my plate with non fat foods like salad, veg etc. I find this gives me an appropriate moderation of fatty/non fatty foods (after all we do need fats in our diet). I think SW do a similar thing, but I think it's more do to with their free food and syns or something like that -shakes head at that 'OTHER diet'- :D
I get more because I'm only aiming to lose 1.5lbs per week and I'm well fat... It keeps going down the more weight I lose.
well you dont look well fat lol x
I track my protein, fat, carbs etc on fitday.com. According to Jillian Michael's book I am a high oxidiser so my calories should be mostly from fat and protein
does anybody know what website it is that tells you your metabolic rate? xx

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