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When did you start eating bars?


Will be slim!!!!!!!
hey, this is my second time on cd, and the 1st time round the cdc said i should wait two weeks. but this time round i have a different cdc and she said it was fine to have them from the start, it hasnt made any difference to weight loss! and i know its too much info but i found its helped me not get constipated lol



Girl on a mission
the reason most cambridge consultants say two weeks before bars, is because they contain slightly higher carbs, and may delay you getting in to ketosis, so consultants like you to be fully in ketosis before having the bars. Don't think there is right or wrong, but the official guideline is 2 weeks :D Good luck with your start x


Will be slim!!!!!!!
i can see why they think it affects ketosis because of the higher carbs, and FBS is right i think it affects everyone differently, hasnt made the blind bit of difference to my losses x


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i shall look forward to having something to chew on,its a strange feeling not eating when ive not stopped for about 5 years!
I totally agree. It'll be lovely to finally eat some chocolate again, and not have to eat that horrible porridge!


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My counsellor told me I shouldn't have a bar for first two weeks, but I keep one in my bag in case of an emergency!! She told me to chop it up into bits and eat a bit of it if I felt wobbly at work in the first 3 days. I havent needed to though!

Ruby - porridge is grim - went and swapped all of mine tonight! (hoping the toffee and walnut is better, except not sure I want that for breakfast!!)


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My first CDC advised me to get some bars in Week 3, so that I was well and truly removed from the need to 'chew' if you know what I mean...

But my new CDC has let me have them after my first 7 days, just ensuring that I have got into ketosis first

Hope that helps
This is a tough one really. With new customers I do recommend not until the third week. But if someone has done the diet before and knows their body Id say once they are in ketosis. Also for some people it may be the difference between failing or suceeding by having or not having bars.

I try to persuade people to wait as personally I feel much more hungry if I have a bar as a meal instead of a shake. So I advise waiting if they can until they are confident on the plan. I am sure other counsellors have reasons why they would allow people to have bars at different times. There are mine.lol! x

PS, can be a godsend to carry a bar and have that rather than cheating too.
Yeah that's the reason I got bars was as a last resort incase I was tempted to cheat. I bought 2 weeks worth of food including 4bars my plan was to save them for the back end of the 2nd week but atlesst they would be there as a back up if needed earlier, luckily I didn't and used thenat the backend of 2nd week as planned and it hasnt effected my losses 18lbs in 2weeks.
I have just stsrted the ccambridge and am doing 810 as my BMI is about 24. WIll I go into ketosis or will not going into ketosis stop me losing weight?. I still want to losepne and a half stone as I was happy at that weight for my 20s and 30s ( am now 48).
My weight loss definately dips as soon as I eat bars which is so tragic as I love them and its a treat almost. Well I only like the mint and peanut bars but still one every night when you come home from work with a nice big cup of coffee does the trick for me. This week I'm only going to have 3 to see if it makes a difference not having one a day.


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