When do you exercise ??


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I'm pretty much the same, i have to wait till after 10 because i do a DVD workout and the only place big enough to do it is in the living room :(


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I do mine (not that there's much of it) first thing in the morning, the downside is I have to get up earlier :eek: but otherwise it just doesn't happen.

Apart from walking the dog, that goes on during the day :)


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I go the the gym after work (so about 8:45pm) on Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and sometimes Saturdays.

I feel it's a bit late at night..but no choice.


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I was reading somewhere the other day that its best to exercise first thing in the morning as you burn more fat on an empty stomach!

wish i had the time and energy to exercise at all!:eek:


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I try to do 15 minutes on the rebounder most mornings. I do succeed most days but I do have the odd day when I just can't make myself get out of bed.
It isn't too bad because it is only 15 minutes and then I am in the shower as normal. If I get up 10 minutes early I can just about still manage to get the children out to school on time and still not be late for work!

I then try to go on my cross trainer about 3 time a week. I usually do that about 5.30 - 6.00 when the rest are having their tea. I can then shower, change into comfy clothes and feel very virtueous for the rest of the evening!!

Doing exercise first thing does wake me up and I feel more energetic for the rest of the morning.



I go to dance class 8.30 once or twice a week, rehearsals 7.30 twice a week and 2.00 on Sundays. But rehearsals aren't solid dance, and sometimes not dance at all.
I'm not a solo exerciser, I prefer to have someone stand over me with a whip! (Does that sound weird or what )


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I exercise in the gym at 1-2 (spinning class), Mon, Wed & Fridays and also walk a lot with my daughter in her buggy and run around after her too .. I should be about 8 stone by now!!! (But I'm not!!)