When do you have your shakes?

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by SuzySparkle, 10 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. SuzySparkle

    SuzySparkle Full Member

    Just wondered when most people have their shakes.

    I've been having one for breakfast at about 7.30am and one for lunch at 12.30pm. The only thing is it seems such a long time then 'til I have another one for tea - think I'll have to bring my bedtime closer just so I can get through the day!:4635:

    I seem to be ok until about 4.30pm when I get home from work. Any tips would be great! :blahblah:
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  3. Split the packet in two and have six shakes a day. It works for me :D
  4. SuzySparkle

    SuzySparkle Full Member

    I'd not thought of that - thank you!
  5. lexyell

    lexyell Full Member

    I have mine at 12, 5, and between 9 and 10 cos I get hungriest in the evening. Think you've just got to find the best routine to suit you :)
  6. Scotsmist

    Scotsmist Life is not a Rehersal!

    Hi SuzySparkle
    I have mine around 7:15am/2:00pm and then around 7-8pm....I then maybe have a mint tea or sparkling water later on in the evening if I feel a little peckish.
    Regarding splitting the shakes, I didnt think this was advisable. I am sure some of the other members who are more experienced can tell you why. I think you have to have your shake 15 mins after opening....but dont quote me. I might be wrong. Might be an idea to do a thread to just ask. Maybe I have misunderstood somewhere along the line.
  7. xsarahloux

    xsarahloux ~~someday!~~

    i'm always peckish in the evening but can go for hours in the morning, so i do 2 or 3pm, 6pm and 9pm. i keep getting told off by my friends at work tho who tell me i need to be getting into a habit of breakfast lunch and dinner. they have a point i guess
  8. Tridi

    Tridi Full Member

    You shouldn't split the shakes regarding to Lipotrim!!!!!! We had a chat about that couple of weeks ago where, someone called lipotrim to ask if it is ok and they said NO to that!
  9. Yorkshire Adam

    Yorkshire Adam Gold Member

    mine varies as to weather am working days nights or not working so its hard to say lol


    I did 10.30, 3.30 (works tea-times!) and 8.00....and I stick to those meal times even now!!!! I glug 1.5 pints water and a green tea before my breakfast...then lots of water and maybe one apple (a day) in between meals....seems to be working very well....
  11. laura.1810

    laura.1810 Member

    I've been trying to stick to what i did before starting the shakes.....I have my first around 8 am just before work...then i get my lunch at 1.30 so have it then and then at 6am...then i sip water in the evenings!! Im the type of person though that goes to bed by 10pm during the week...so it suits me xxx
  12. Nikita10

    Nikita10 Full Member

    I have my shakes at 7.30am, 1.30pm and 7.30pm. Seems to work for me, and I drink 3 litres of water everyday, and about 3 cups of peppermint tea.
  13. SuzySparkle

    SuzySparkle Full Member

    Thanks everyone!

    I've changed when I have them today and it seems to be working a lot better! Had my first shake at 12.30pm then had one when I got home from work at 4.30pm. I've still got one more shake to look forward to later on. Seem to have drunk more water today too.

    Thanks for all your advice! x

  14. awin

    awin Full Member

    As a guy, I do 6.30 a.m then about 2p.m. The strange thing is now I don't miss any food in the evening.
  15. loulougirl

    loulougirl Full Member


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