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When do you mostly crave food?

Hey everyone, thought i'd liven things up around here a bit more :). When do you seem to start thinking about food more throughout the day? I miss being able to come home and watch the soaps with some nice sour sweets or chocolate, or just food! I would say its mostly evenings.
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I crave food at night time mainly!! I hardly eat at work apart from my sandwich i take in, thats from 3-10, so normally when i get home i do me something nice to eat, or i snack! NORMALLY anyways, ive stopped doing tho! But i still get cravings!! lol

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good question, I miss the grazing I used to do in the evening watching a DVD, usually chocolate and nibbles....sigh !!!Trying to avoid them now as I still have " issues " with controlling my portion size.....

also that cup in the middle of the afternoon time, which seems to be crying out to have a biccy or two, hell half a packet , with it !!!!!!!
I agree ladies, the evenings/nights are the hardest, but i tend to feel ten times better the next morning when i dont give in! Oh yes, i miss the biscuits to dip into a nice coffee mmmmm :)
Ill tell u what will probably hit me the most.... whenever i go to the cinema.... when i do go there in the past i ALWAYS crave a big bag of minstrels.... so its gonna kill me to go watch a movie without munching on a bag of minstrels!!! lol

Viva La Diva

A Brit living in the USA
Oh yes, going to the cinema is another bad situation or used to be..... the portions are giant here, so even when I ordered the smallest size of freshly popped popcorn, it still came in a bucket almost as bid as my head !!!!! Last time I went, I was VERY good, just a small diet coke as a treat, plus I took a little bag full of apple slices !!!! As long as I had something to munch on I didn't feel like I was missing out !!!!


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after a big workout, oh my god do i crave..... dosent help the parents have a big bag of chocolate, box of chocolates, and 3 cheesecakes in the fridge :/ so when i go to get a drink, i see this big tempting lot....
For me its mostly mid afternoon, I like to have a sugary snack before I pick the kids up from school.
And in the evening after I've put the kids to bed. I'd usually grab some snacks and sit and watch TV before bed.
Night time for me also! I used to sit at my computer and then just nip in the kitchen for a chocolate biscuit or a cake! Before i knew it i had eaten 3 or 4! I am being really good now and not having any! whoop!
Evenings also for me, not sweet things but savoury foods, cheese, crisps, crackers etc.
After workouts I crave food, but I think my body needs it anyway. So I make sure that before I left home to gym I put a big apple or other fruit on the table. When I arrive home after my workout I eat it, my tummy likes and it puts me on "healthy mode" to make an healthy meal to complement atfer the fruit. It works for me:)

When I don't workout I tend to crave food during mid-afternoon/evening.



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I'm another evening grazer too. :(

I'm always picking at whatevers in the house. I've not bought biscuits or rubbish for so long but I'll always find something to eat - I can't stop food shopping altogether!

I've started doing something crafty in the evenings to keep me occupied. Everyones going to get some lame homemade christmas presents this year but at least I'll be slimmer lol :D

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