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When Do You Realise You Are Losing Weight?


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Hi there! I know exactly what you mean! It took 3 1/2 stone for me to actually really register the fact I'd lost weight and was looking good when I looked in the mirror. Even though I knew from the scales that I was losing every week (or most of them ;) ) I couldn't see any BIG changes. From then on though they came thick and fast and that's when I started buying new clothes and I think this helped a lot as what I could now wear was totally different from before. This all said though I can honestly say I STILL haven't truly got my head round the fact that I'm a slim person - I feel like a fake, a fat person in disguise!


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well i have went from 13.3stone now to 11.8stones . So thats about a stone and a half . I feel as if i dont look any different and im still depressed at the fact i dont look different . So ok yes i can notice the difference in my neck and shoulders as i now have colarbones showing and a neck with muscles showing lol its weird . But im still not realising im getting thinner . I cant notice it on my stomach though or anywhere else.
I have the same issue - hardly nobody else has noticed either! I swear, I'm only starting to notice it now just recently in clothes.....I'm hoping that once I lose a few more pounds (and have hence lost 10% of my start weight) it will become more noticeable but i'm not so sure....People from Slimming World forum have mentioned that it was at about the 10% mark that the changes started but by reading about you guys and your losses, it would appear that everyone is different?
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Would love to hear other people's experiences xx


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I think you get so used to seeing yourself a certain way that even when you do start to lose weight, you just can't seem to see it.
I think reality hits in when you see a pic or someone else comments
I didn't notice I'd lost any weight until I looked in the mirror after losing 2 stone. I tried on all the XXL clothes I used to wear and I was drowning in them. I then began to try on all my old clothes I wore when I was skinny and they was fitting better. I felt a big sense of relief knowing that my hard work and dedication was paying off. Knowing my old clothes were fitting was a big motivation for me to carry on.

Good luck!

Just to add - Seeing current pictures of myself with friends I can totally see the loss, being alone and not going out while on my diet I could not tell because I was on my own most of the time. Stood next to friends I no longer feel like a cow.
I'm glad this discussion has come up, as now dh and I have both reached 1/2 stone, I think we hoped we'd be able to tell, but the tape measure has yet to move! I don't get people who say they've lost a stone and 4 inches from the waist! Surely not! (she says hoping its not just her lol)

Losing an inch or two would make me feel so much better so far as how my clothes look. I'm generally very slim but weight has gone onto my waist and made me look a little pregnant. I think I know I'm getting there, I just need to keep going.


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OK so you all have totally different ways of realising, for those of you that have noticed a difference.

I am so glad I am normal, I was starting to think it was just me that hasn't noticed a difference even though it is there. I guess it will hit me soon..... I hope.

Nic68, I think I will feel like you when I reach target as I have been big for so long now I wonder if I will feel a fake, or still just feel fat. I really should think about losing the baggy jumpers but I guess they are a kind of security.

Hobbsey I don't do measurements as for me it is weight and I would probably measure wrong anyway!
Somebody once said to me when I asked the same question... think of yourself as a kitchen roll! Each sheet of paper equals a lb. When you start your diet you are a brand new thick roll, if you take one sheet off (1lb) it only just about goes round the roll once and you will hardly notice any difference when you remove it. But as you continue to lose the lbs the roll gets smaller and each sheet goes round the roll several times. So as you get smaller each lb becomes more visible.

Ooh what a good way of explaining it. I guess we all just feel that sometimes its so much effort we wish there were instant results, but I know long term weight loss isn't really going to work like that. I didn't put this weight on overnight, and its not going to come off that fast either

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I love the kitchen roll analogy-good way of putting it!

As for me, I've only lost 8lbs but I've already lost 3 inches off my waist and an inch off my hips (not cheating, I swear I'm amazed too).

I've noticed it cos my skirts and trousers fit more easily and that's lovely. My stomach's really changing fast, it looks different and I have like ab lines starting to show, don't think I've ever seen them before. I guess dieting+working out if paying off.

Pleased that I haven't lost anything in the chest area though. I'll be gutted when that happens.

I also appear to have cheek bone lines which I'm pleased about. I can't wait to see the difference when I'll have lost 20 pounds :)
I've lost an inch off my chest and an inch off my waist but nothing off my hips and legs. I now look even more pear-shaped because the weight comes off my hips and legs last.

I normally just weigh, but because I stayed the same this week I measured and compared to when I started there is a difference.

This is going to sound odd, but years ago, when I was at a low enough weight for it to make a difference over a few weeks, I used to stand with my hands on my waist, pointing towards my belly button. Looking in the mirror I would try to judge if my finger tips were closer together or not! Because the size of my hands wasn't changing it gave me some perspective on it.

I also look at things like my collar bone, and my wrists and see if I can spot a difference!
I too like the kitchen roll analogy. I just never thought of it that way.

I have just had a great idea. I will actually take a roll of toilet paper and start taking of a piece for each lb. That way I will actually see a difference when I compare it to a new one. (I'll let you know if they really are 240 sheets!)

It is also small enough to hide in my drawer so only I will touch it and nobody else. A kitchen roll is a bit harder to hide and explain......
so far this month i've lost 11lb, my measurements come in at 7.8" smaller, so i'm very happy with that!

My boobs have stayed the same, although i'd be happy for them to get a bit smaller, back to my original size (32F, but since gaining weight, breastfeeding etc, they've gone up to a 34G and are a bit too big for me!)
Well done Iona.

Big knickers....... thank Bridget Jones for our hubbys now knowing what they are for......

Who said last week they had an underdress that does the same job? I want one!

Maybe I will start a new post on the forum to see if anyone has any suggestions.