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When does a WW day end and begin?


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Hi I'm a little confused about when I should restart my points :/

I suffer from insomnia so I tend to be up until 4-5 in the morning, and then sleep a lot in the day :rolleyes:. Could I, in theory start my points anew say at 12 am each morning or does it have to be when I go to sleep?

Thanks and love to those who answer
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There are no hard and fast rules. Its when works for you. I start my day when I get up, since I work shifts sometimes thats 0530 sometimes its 1600.


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I'm like you i hardly go to bed before 3am! but i start my points when i get up at say midday! and then i only eat up till 9.30pm, cause your not meant to eat after 9pm? i think it is, but seeing as i dont come in from work till then i extend it 30mins extra, i dont eat anything between 9:30pm - 3am when i go to bed, i just drink a lot of water lol


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Yeah my mom always told me to never eat at night, but I'm sure it's not true.....right? :/


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My leader used to add up all of her points for the week and do it that way instead of day-by-day.

Why don't you try doing that, caluculate your points for the week? It would make sense as you wouldn't have a cut-off point - she lost 8 stone doing it that way! :)



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I did think about that, but I'd be gutted if I accidently used them all by Saturday and have to full on fast all Sunday :/


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Just makes sure you allow yourself your points allowance in a 24 hour period so you can keep track of it. Doesn't matter when the 24 hours period runs from. Everyone is different. I always like to minimise my points usage during the day (and I am not a breakfast person really).. so I have extra points to have a bit of a splurge with if I want a treat in the evening. It's probably a terrible way of doing it but with me it's all about fooling myself that I am not having to cut anything out.

Saying that though my desire for a Lamb Madras is growing so I may have to have one soon. Perhaps on a day I got for a 3 hour walk or something!


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one of my friends used to start her ww points from her evening meal, that way if she wanted a bigger tea she could have one and then use the less points for breakfast and dinner.


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i start mine at 7 am when i wake but i think the weekly thing is a good idea x


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I'm definetly going to start mine from 12am, but I'm finding myself really not wanting to eat until the morning. Yay progress!!