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When does the binge monster attack?

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I just wondered if everyone else has a time of day where their willpower seems to wane and they're more tempted to binge.

I am fine all day, I can stick to my diet no problems whatsoever.

Then at about 8.00pm it's like I get taken over by the binge monster. I've just eaten, so I'm not hungry, I have a good size meal with lots of veg to fill up and I always have a dessert like sugar-free jelly or yogourt. But then the binge monster hits me and I just want to eat everything in sight.

I don't, but I feel like it's a daily fight from 8.00pm till I go to bed. Does anyone else get attacks of this binge monster and is it in the evening or does it attack at other times?

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Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
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My monster comes out when I'm stressed, bored, annoyed, angry, or sad. So.. that's a lot of the time, mainly the first 2 or 3.

Been able to tame it lately though so I'm pleased that I don't have to rely on it, it's just a matter of changing old habits and reactions to these sorts of feelings.
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I never thought of it like that. Maybe it's coz I'm busier at other times of the day that keeps it at bay. I did keep my extra calories for when it attacked but maybe I'd be better doing something then I've less time to think.

Im bad after around 8 at night.

I have my dinner about 5.10pm and think, right thats me till supper. But then about 8/ 8.30pm if i'm sitting watching tv or on here or whatever my willpower starts to die... and i want crisps and chocolate, or haribo.

Most of the time i can tell myself no, but sometimes.... failure :(

Same time as me then.

Oh, I love haribo! Fried eggs, little frogs and foamy strawberries - oh yum! I think I'd better go to bed soon to stop me from eating.

Haha im thinking the same.

Fizzy cola bottles are my downfall, and tangtastic haribo... pretty much all gummy sweeties :(

Now im hungry!

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I'm a carb monster and because my partner works til after 12am most days I end up waiting up for him and he always has something for tea then and more often than not I join him! It's always late at night for me and it's always potato-based things!

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
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Haha, speaking of which, I just had my first day where I had to do something about my cravings. They simply lasted all day. Granted, I'm really stressed out because I have a huge exam on Thursday which usually triggers them. So I had these insatiable chocolate and savoury cravings and I tried tricking my mind with light yoghurt, peanut butter, etc but nothing would cut it.

I thought I was gonna cry so I went out and bought one of those flakey creamy desserty things? Sort of like a corner yoghurt but it's chocolate with flake bits, then I had some kettle crisps. I looked at all the calories of everything and tried to make a "smart" mistake. Just been hungry all day for no reason, now I've a headache and thinking about ditching my workout for rest or revision... hm.

First day of caving in, I feel bad :( But we're all human? Let's just not use that as an excuse too often, shall we? lol

What do you all do in these moments?
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Mines when i'm down, I just crave chocolate and macdonnalds breakfasts! I usually have it, and then try and make up for it at the gym....

I'm going through it at the moment actually, yesterday at college I had a double cheese burger from mc d's and then a twirl and a full fat hot choc...bit worried though as it's my weigh in next week, I haven't put on yet since I started and I really don't want to either! I need to get my head sorted by this weekend, and then a final push next week...:(

Battles with food are so hard at times huh?! :eek:
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Oh Peachy, I feel so sorry for you, dieting and exams! OMG, when I did all my exams I couldn't think straight most of the time and I just ate anything. If I were you I'd ditch the workout for rest and revision. Stick to the diet as best you can but put the work into your exams - they're so important. Maybe you'll be able to concentrate better when they're over because they are so stressful.

Lisa, I'd love a Mac'ds breakfast but they don't have them here. When I go back to England it's the first thing I get. I'm sure if you've stuck to it all the rest of the time you'll be fine with you're weigh-in. Good luck.

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The binge monster came late last night! Luckily (or not as it seemed at the time) we have absolutely no snacks or chocolatey things in for me to binge on - so I managed not to :D

Peachy I'm with you on the exam stress - I have one on friday and I know if we had snacks in i would live of those and no meals! Which is why I won't buy any (then I have to go out to get some if I really want it, so most of the time I don't).

Now I'm craving cheese burgers too! Might have to make my own version at home, but theres just something yum about Mc D's, and it's only 2 mins away (I live in the city centre, the only thing that isn't 2 mins away is a decent chinese take away - and oddly enough thats the one I prefer).

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
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Tracey, that's what happened in the end. The headache went away thanks to paracetamol but I just had so much to do and I'd been revising all day, came the time to workout I just didn't have the strenght. I feel guilty today but hopefully I'll be better than yesterday (no chocolate or crisps even tho I counted them) and I'll push through and maybe compensate once it's over. Dieting, working out and uni is a highly stressful combination, but I'm stressed anyway without the first two. At least I feel better after working out.

Sugar fiend- good luck with your exams, well done on not binging! Unfortunately my craving had lasted all day and I was out and Sainsbury's was right there... so I just went and got myself something cos I felt like I deserved a reward for two weeks of exams and revision but am feeling guilty today. Not going out today (still in pjs) and there's nothing to tempt me here so fingers crossed!

Not craving cheeseburgers (not a fan of Mc D's) but am wanting dessert again. Am gonna be strong :D (hopefully) x
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Peachy and Sugar, this probably isn't the best place to say it, but your exams come first. If the diet is stopping you from concentrating either with revision or exams put it on hold till they're over. A couple of weeks won't hurt.

Well done to both of you so far, and good luck with the rest of your exams.


Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
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Tracey, you're right but trying to make a compromise and not exaggerate. As tempting as it is to not care, my conscience is too strong. Will be done as of tomorrow so no worries :) Can get back on track then, properly.
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I see your point, however the next 6 months are only going to get more and more stressful to me - of the years assesments 3/4 are in this semester (starting after my exams) and I'm in my final year. So it's really going to have to be a case of me changing my habits and finding alternatives that I actually like foodwise and learning not to binge!

Good Luck for your exam tomorrow Peachy!

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
S: 15st10lb C: 12st13lb G: 11st6lb Loss: 2st11lb(17.73%)
Thanks Sugar.

You're right though, uni and exams is yet another excuse to not diet, and I'm in it for quite another few years. By the time I finish my degree, masters, maybe even PhD (thinking about it), if I continue at this rate I'll just be piling the pounds, which isn't an option anymore.

As my good friend Brad says: "The time is now!". And yeah, life gets in the way but it's always going to manage to anyway so doing your best in spite of everything is good enough for me right now.
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Today is day 3 of my binge. I was doing ok with losing weight until hubby and I agreed to move back in with each other and give our marriage another go. Its a week today since we made the decision. I'm like this now and not moved back in yet - officially handing my keys in for my flat on Feb 22nd so need to get my head back into weightloss mode. Have me on xenical for 13mths now and don't want to go back to how I was before then.
Despite binging I've continued to make a note of how many calories I've eaten. Obviously won't be expecting the scales to be my friend come Monday.
I had the urge to binge last night about midnight. :(

Ended up having 2 rice cakes and a weightwatchers mini roll which isnt too bad, pushed me up to 1500 calories for yesterday though, when my aim is 1200

The 500 cal subway probably didnt help for lunch, had workmen in putting in new windows and the house was a riot and i took the easy option to just get a subway.

Being good today though...so far :|

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I want to binge when I'm depressed or stressed out, and sometimes at night - I think everyone is the same.

I would also say don't diet during exams - I'm sure I read somewhere that dieting affects your IQ (i.e. people on diets do worse on IQ tests). During an exam period I would just go for a healthy maintenance diet for a few weeks.

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