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When does the constant weeing slow down?

Hi guys,

I did LL last year and cannot remember how long it took for this constant running up and down to the loo took to calm down, good lord, im gonna make me carpet bare.

I started CD on Monday and its none stop, I even decided to get the extra exercise that I had to go upstairs every time, well that stopped 15 wees ago! just too knackered, my dog follows me everywhere and she has been asleep since lunch time :giggle:

Please advise, I need to know MAKE IT STOP lol :bolt:

Hmmmmm are these diets really that good OR is it the running to the loo that burns the fat off :thinking2:

Lisa xx
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Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
lol it's great training for your legs though! ;)
I'm not sure when it slows down but I think I have slowed down a bit.. though the water is the culprit of the loo visits I think :) I think I've just got better at 'holding' lol

Whatever happens.. just remember water is fat fighting juice and going to the loo is the way to get rid of that fat!! :D


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I dont think it does slow down to be honest...if your drinking the same amount of water, your body has to get rid of it somehow, some in sweat, some in your breath, but most of it in urine....think of it as a good thing, all those ketones which = fat being flushed out every time you go! :p
I'm not so bothered in the day but I think my record for getting up in the night is 6 times!!! I would love to sleep the whole night through, it is actually reminiscent of my pregnancy days!!!
I am almost at week 3 and still peeing 15 times a day! lol

My cdc said the weeing does slow down when your body gets into a routine and drinking smaller amounts often is better then drinking 1 pint 4 times a day.

Here's hoping anyway otherwise i am taking shares out in Andrex.


likes posting.
I did ll in 07 for 5 months i drank 4 lts every day & the weeing never slowed down, one good thing i dont get up to go in the night.
Im doing cd now & i think im wearing my carpet away too.Its all worth it in the end.


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While your drinking loads of water I don't think it does slow down lol Although waking up desperate for the loo has made me paranoid about wetting the bed lol xxxx


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My cdc said the weeing does slow down when your body gets into a routine and drinking smaller amounts often is better then drinking 1 pint 4 times a day.
Hmmm...dunno about that, simple fact is, if you take water in, your body has to excrete it, so whether your drinking small amounts through the day or one big amount, it still has to come out, one way or the other!

Maybe if you drink a large amount at once, you will almost immediately feel the urge to go, where as when drinking the same amount but in smaller quantities through the day it may take longer for you to feel the urge to go...but the same amount will come out one way or another!

Your body only holds onto what it needs for your essential bodily functions, (unless you suffer from water retention) this only really changes if your exercising harder and therefore losing more water through sweat and breath, or maybe if you have diarheoa....when the body would then need to replace the fluids you have lost....what goes in, has to come out, whether you've been on the diet 2 days or 2 years....
Thanks for all your comments, couldnt laugh too much just in case :giggle:. Love the fight fighting juice comment PH.

Just getting used to it now, learning where all the loos are where ever I go, better to be safe. I know what you mean about shares in andrex and the comment about 6 times in a night, 4 times last night, just slept in my dressing gown cause I knew i'd be up again.

Plus side, getting exercise, flushing out the bad stuff, skin looking really clear and yes it will sooo be worth it in the end.

So thank you all for your comments, its great to know Im not alone in the night (or day) running up and down the stairs and worrying about wetting myself if I sneeze laugh or hold it to long :eek:

Lisa xx

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