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When every conversation revolves around food and your starving!!!!


Slimming for my children
Last night i was s hungry i cried all the way home silently on the tube.
wheni got home me and the fiance went to tecos to get me a new book to read (i'd finished my one thta morning and normally my train journey consists of a book) anyway we had a bit of a clash last night as he was telling me how lovely his lunch was in his canteen.... This was 2 seconds after I had been telling him I was about to cry through hunger. And I was just like mmm lovely. And he was like whats your problem? And I said everything you talk about it about food cant you talk about anything else its not fair. Then he said its your choice to be on this diet and I'm sorry but I wanted to tell you how good the food was. Then I stormed off in a huff and he followed me in and sat down and gave me a kiss and said sorry he didn't realise and cant begin to think how hard it is. Then when we were watching tv.... No lie EVERY advert was food, it went... Greggs, crème egg, a marks and spencers advert about food, then mcdonalds new mexican burgers, then it was that lynx advert with everyone eating the chocolate man!!! URGH!

What can you do?
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It does seem that way alright when you start out on your diet journey! Everything to do with food seems to be amplified.

Also, while it is your choice to be on this diet, it would be nice for him to give you that 'wee' bit of extra support and understanding just now, as I am sure if the shoe was on the other foot you would be there for him.

Love Mini xxx


Slimming for my children
yea. dont get me wrong, hes the one paying for the diet and also will stop me from rading the tin. but ever since i have been on it, cos i have been 100% hungry since day 1 i havent been in the best of moods.
Food adverts and conversations seem to be everywhere when you are doing this don't they! I just try to convince myself that no-one is actually talking about food more and there aren't really more food adverts it's just that we notice them a lot more.

When I feel like that it helps me to try and remember why I am doing this. Instead of paying any attention to the conversation or advert I try to switch off and just imagine how I will feel when I get to goal and manage to maintain.

It aint easy though is it :)

It's taken longer than it would have done if I had stuck to it. Unfortunately I've had a few cheaty moments!

I started in July, lasted 3 weeks then gave up for 6 weeks. That was crazy because it was working well and I loved how it made me feel! Then I got back on it and stuck to it until December and got to 13lbs from my goal. Then I just restarted a week last Sunday and it's going well so far. 2lbs to go and I'll have got rid of what I gained and then have a stone to go until goal.

I wish I'd stuck to it properly from the start because then I'd be at goal now & hopefully maintaining! I'll get there though, feeling very positive now :)

Good luck with yours. If you stick to it I bet you'll be at your goal in no time!

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Just wanted to send you some ((((hugs)))). It does seem at first that every single tv ad is about food, and everyone around you is constantly eating. I found that very hard at first, but now although I can still sniff out food at 100 paces lol, it really doesn't bother me that much.

With regards to your hunger, are you drinking enough? I find it helps to stave off any tummy grumbles if I drink an extra pint of water, as well as speeding up the weight loss.

Hope you're feeling better soon x

Corinne x


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FNM - was this just one bad day or is it like this all the time? i find some days harder than others and yesterday was really tough for me too and i know this weekend will be rough.


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I know it is sooooooooo hard, but just think the hunger will go and when it does you will get the lovely buzz that comes along with Ketosis, that really helped me, if you have to , turn the tv off! xx
Grab the remote and when the ads come on, flick to another channel for a couple of minutes! Or leave the room and go for a pee/drink of water :D
And when bf talks about food, stick your fingers in your ears and go "Lalalala I'm not listening!"


Slimming for my children
FNM - was this just one bad day or is it like this all the time? i find some days harder than others and yesterday was really tough for me too and i know this weekend will be rough.
So far i have been starving since Sunday and havent stopped getting that grumbling tummy!
I havent even been for a number 2 either since Sunday! Been drinking at least my 2.5litres of water.
The weekend seemed to be ok as i sleep in lol and then i only have so many hours to be hungry!


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I was hungry for the first time yesterday. When I thought about why it might be, I realised that I had slipped back on my water intake for a couple of days. I drank like a fish last night and this morning and I feel so much better.
I also find that the later I have my first shake, the better I feel for the rest of the day and I dont get hungry in the evenings then.
And yes, I know what you mean about food adverts.......!!!


Talks too much
Im trying to hold off until 1 before having a tetra, then another one about 5 and my last one about 9. this seems to help keep the hunger away, especially at this early stage.
I've been suffering from hunger lately as well. Yesterday I think I discovered the key to this. I had my first shake in the morning (7.30ish) as I usually do and then had my 2 remaining packs in the evening after work.
Up until now I've always had a pack at lunchtime at work, this was fine on LL as I still had another 2 packs to go but has turned out to be a problem on CD due to only 3 packs.
I didn't feel hungry yesterday without my lunchtime pack so I'm going to try this for a while to see if it works better for me.
Oh and if you're not already make sure you're drinking enough water - I have a litre before work, 3 during the day and then at least 1 (but usually 2) during the evening- and it all has to be warm!

MM x
I never give my OH a hard time for eating in front of me or telling me about what he has eaten, after all it is my choice I am doing a diet that currently does not contain food.

I sat one night last week whilst he told me about his works meal he had at a Japanese terriyaki restaurant and it sounded so delish and a fantastic night out. I just sipped my shake and accepted his offer to take me when I am maintaining.
lol lol i'm in fits here. I can identify with all comments, the only thing keeping me going is that pair of jeans i want to get in to, currently it doesn't even pass my knees. During the days I'm fine, i'm at work and busy, but when I get home that's when I feel depressed. Last night my kids wanted a bacon sarnie, trust me I literally took a deep whiff of that bacon frying in the pan, and then I got soooo upset when they wasted it saying they were full up and didn't want anymore. Watching it go in the bin instead of in my mouth was torture!


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But I bet you felt good afterwards? Would've been a whole lot more depressing half an hour after if you had eaten it!

I feel like I'm turning into a slight anthropologist (however you spell it!) about food. It seems like such an integral part of society that you dont' realise how much you're bombarded with food messages. If you were on WW, you might've seen those ads and then gone and made a sandwich, completely oblivious to the fact it was psychological hunger.

We've got a good opportunity to step outside and be impartial for a bit, all that will help us recognise the triggers once we're maintaining.

It doesn't help at the time though!

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