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When is enough??


Crawling to the finish!
I'm on just day 7, and found this extremely hard, I've lost 5,5 pound and just feel what's the point I've spent nearly every day crying lately and me and my husband are arguing constantly, how do I know when enough is enough, do I go on feeling depressed unable to focus on anything but food and struggling to do any work or play with my daughter or revert back to slimming world? I'm just so confused I want to cry so bad
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Crawling to the finish!
It might be worth mentioning I've done 6 weeks on the diet before my weddin with great success but was against time and had better goals then x
Hun if your not in the right space at the moment then don't make yourself miserable. It takes strength and focus to do this and if your feeling weak and having problems then now might not be the best time to do it. On the other hand, if u think that you can find the strength to do it then just stick at it. But I'd be careful not to get yourself in too much of a state because your emotional well-being is paramount. Is it because of this that you and your OH are arguing? Cuz it might be that he needs to be more supportive. Only you know the answer, but look after yourself because ultimately you will just end up pigging out and not caring any more if you get too depressed xx
If I were u I would wait till at least 14 days on it b4 giving up, give everything chance to settle down, you may regret giving up so soon once you are off of it, it does get better i promise, its all the addictions you have to food that is hard as well as being hungry, once it passes its nearly plan sailing just gets boring! Wishing you loads of luck, stay strong xx
I know exactly how you feel Yummymummy, i get teary and bad mooded towards the end of the day,always snapping at my son, there's no doubt that its an extreme diet, but i just have to think that i put myself in this position so its up to me to get out of it. I can only say that its got easier for me as my jeans get slightly looser and that since i've started drinking more water, i don't crave food so badly. I'v also learnt quite a few tricks that makes LT a bit more exciting. Dont beat yourself up because you've done it before & found it easier because like u say, the incentive was bigger then. Maybe you could write some incentives down for this time. Whatever happens, you can definately do it, its not impossible. Good luck to you xx Karen xx


Crawling to the finish!
Thanks for the support everyone. I think a very early nigh would be best. I know how great the results are a think I just need to find a good place. Sorry for rambling. I genuinely hope tomorrow is a million times better. I'm dreading the weekend at this rate! X


yumymumy... keep goin... try and grab some inner strength... at the start you are consumed by food and the need to murder someone... but it does wear off..... im on day 9 and have 15lbs off.... was out at a restaurant last nite with my family... (stayed at a hotel).... went down to breakfast this morning... lunch out today... finished off by KFC this evening..... i just tuned out and drank my shakes and you know what thats all gone now and im still in control! So whilst it was tough when you tune out..... you can do it... hope you're ok.... when you feel a scuffle with the hubbie comin on go and relax in the bath and focus on why you wanted to do this initially!
I really hope you can stick with it a bit longer. Like you, I was very tearful and found it hard going towards the end of the first week but I woke up one day and it was like a cloud had lifted and something seem to kick in. You've done the hardest part already and need to hang on in there a bit longer before you really start reaping the rewards again. You might feel just as miserable if you change diets again? Only you know but good luck with it, hun. X


Is a loser! ;-)
I was the same for first week, i was crying and shouting at my OH that i wanted to eat...but then i thought of why i went on the diet in the first place and it spurred me on. I feel the best i have in a long time, i have loads of energy and my moods have lifted alot!
You need to do what is best for you, but id say give it another week, and you might be surprised. xx


Sensibly losing :)
I could have written all of the above.. I agree to try and stick to it and see if you can pull it off, but then i also completely nodded along to Sqeezes post too about not making yourself upset etc if you are not int he right mindset... only you know how bad you feel. if you feel this bad will giving up on this diet only compound your feelings and make you more down? Thats how it would work for me.. I have been in tears today too, I dont get a WI until tmw and I feel like crap regurgitated to be honest... I have not been arguing with the other half but things that dont usually bother me have seriously grated me this week and I know its cause I am absorbed elsewhere and I am feeling hard done by! I am resenting it all at the moment and I want to be back in my 'happy place' that I had for the first 5 days.. I even had a godo day yesterday but felt a biy yuk last night and then it got worse....

I would say stick to it until your next WI, get through it any way you can and if you still feel the same go and have a break and get your head together, then come back when you feel stronger and know you can do it. You have done it before so know better than most of us how well u can do! Good luck :)) xx


Crawling to the finish!
I'm very happy to say that once again you guys have rescued me and I am very grateful so thank you. I'm in bed now, feeling more optimistic about tomorrow, and the weeks ahead. Xxx


Crawling to the finish!
sigourney said:
My first week was awful... Partner said I was horrible... He was right... Stick at it.. Because trust me second time around it's so much harder. X
This is my second time round!!! And boy am I feeling sorry for myself!! Xx
YumyMumy said:
This is my second time round!!! And boy am I feeling sorry for myself!! Xx
I always feel sorry for myself when can't eat what I like... Been low carbing since Monday... Increased my gym workouts.. Today actually feel better and a bit less puffy and bloated... Let's hope I can do this shake thing again ... And shift my last stone . X

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