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When is the best time to weigh yourself?


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This sounds like a really daft question but is there a best time to weigh yourself. I always seem to weigh less in the mornings but I don't know if im just deluding myself and my true weight is at night?
When do you guys find best?

Sorry if this is a stupid question! :(
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True weight is in the morning, at night you have the physical weight of food and drink through the day, you dont gain actual fat during a day, so weigh in the morning.


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morning :)

(naked too)
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Lol I started exactly the same thread in the calorie counting forum a little bit ago... General consensus? First thing in the morning, when you wake up, naked, and after you've popped to the loo! lol

There were some funny replies!

Hope this helps! :)


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Agreed - first thing in the morning, naked and after you've gone to the loo ;-D

Haha X


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The time you weigh less is nicer:p So I say: at morning, naked, after going to the loo and before eating breakfast:)
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Lol! I love how everyone is saying the same thing - in the morning, naked, after a trip to the loo! Glad to see that it's not just me :D

But, to agree with others on here, I've always taken my weight first thing in the morning to be my true weight. As SammyE said, later in the day the weight of food and drink can contribute to your weight reading.


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I weigh myself at the same time and place every week - sunday, first thing in the morning.

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Make sure you drink plenty of water the night before because if you don't, you might be carrying some water retention weight.. and you don't want that, trust me!

But otherwise, ditto :D Also be sure to step on and off of the scales at least 10 times.. I usually write them down and calculate the average haha. You know you're desperate to lose weight when..

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