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when is the rite time 2 refeed?

S: 21st3lb C: 19st2lb G: 13st8lb Loss: 2st1lb(9.76%)
im coming up to week ten on thursday ..i still would idealy love to loose 2 more stone but i also want to go on holiday with my kids and partner and eat and really enjoy oyrselfs.im due to visit my partners family next month and i know i want to be eating or at least on matinance by then the pharmasist said this is about the rite time to starty refeed??? i was 20.5 and down to 15.12 .is it possible 2 do refeed and matinance then come bk on to lipotrim 100% after june possibly? any 1 know:S
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its very very hard hun i would if you could in any way stick with it for the moment ive tried so many times to come back on lipotrim i came off it 2 yrs ago as i had started fainting with the est of intentions of eating for a few weeks then comming back on lt til i got to my target and here i am 2 years later all 3 stone back on plus another one for good measure its taken me that long to get back into it and its been so much harder this time its totaly up to u though


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Wouldn't you have a good holiday knowing that your still losing weight while on TFR......how many people can say that? If it was me I would go on holiday with my shakes, every holiday I've been on I've gained about half a stone, it would be great to come back from holidays having lost 7lbs instead!

Just think of all those other holidays you will have as a slimmer you.

As Loudie says, it's so much harder to get back onto TFR once you've had food. Try and stick it out if you can.


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HI Yummy,

On the other side of the posts above, I started LT and did it for 6 weeks, I then took a break for a party and all, I'll be honest I did put on weight but didn't have much trouble starting back up again. My pharmist offers to continue the weigh in each week even when I'm not doing LT so it's a bit like WW as she is a very good motivator and I think it helps to have someone continue to weight you.
Sometimes a break can work but you still have to be careful when you're on hols not to go completely overboard. Do you think you could stick to the refeed meals while you're on holiday? That way you shouldn't do too much damage and it might help get right back on the diet!!
Like the LT, if you set a goal and keep up with you weight-ins and don't go crazy you could be fine!


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Hey hun,
I have the same dilemma as you! Going on hols the end of June and want to be eating by then. I have really only 2 1/2 stone left to lose to get down to my ideal weight of 9 stone but I am going to try and aim for 10 stone by the time I go away. I am going to start re-feed 4 days before I go so by my first day on hols I will have more choice of what to eat.
Ideally I wouldn't be in this situation and would carry on tfr until I have lost it all but this will be the first time I have seen all my fmaily in 2 years and I honestly don't believe I will have the motivation to carry on while I'm away.
So anyway my plans is.....
To refeed so my day 4 refeed corresponds with my first day of hols.
And the rest ?.....See how I feel when I come back ! I believe this diet will only work if you are in the right mind frame. If I come back and feel I can carry on I will go back on tfr till I lose the rest.
If not I am planning to maybe look into CD and lots of exercise.
At the end of the day the decision is down to you! Only you can control your motivation and know how you are feeling!
What date are you seeing you OH family?
T x
S: 21st3lb C: 19st2lb G: 13st8lb Loss: 2st1lb(9.76%)
rite.... decided to do 4 more weeks on this, then do a week of refeed then 2 weeks matinance.that way i can still eat when im on holiday and HOPFULLY either sts or lose.then after that im on to slimming world to get the last 2 stone off.good plan ? i mean dus it sound doable?
I took a break last year for hols too when i was on LT, I done refeed the week before and I also took a couple of shakes with me and had them for lunch or breakfast just so I wouldnt be overly hungry and picking at everything... I didnt put on much coming back maybe a pound or two if even...

The only thing I found coming off it from the first time it is so hard to go back on it again, i keep stopping and starting for a week or two here and there... i never gained much weight when off it but it is just taken longer for me to get to the weight i want to be at :(

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