When is too many?


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Hi everyone,

So ive been on the diet for 3 days (Today being my 4th), just had my first weigh in today and ive lost 6.3 pounds so happy about it. Right im wanting to lose around 7/8 pref 8 by early june (If possible).

Right to the question, how many extra's means too many extra's, ive just got the water flavouring and will expecting to use around 15g a day if that, i will also be having a tetra drink and a bar a day. Will this be too much? I dont want to hinder my weight losses as i really want to lose as much as i can and if possible reach my goal in june.

Any help would be ace, sorry about the waffle.

Nessy xx
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Hi Nessy

Sorry I'm not sure how much water flavouring you should have per day but you are allowed one bar per day and tetras aren't restricted so you can have up to three a day (obviously not if you are having a bar)... am I making sense??



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hi nessy i thibk its just 1 tsp of water flavouring in 1 lt of water
ive not used them myself tho im led to believe it very strong and you can get away with .5 tsp in 1 lt of water

and i may be wrong but i think the flavouring and bars can only be used at week 3 so ketosis is well established

good luck on your cd journey


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The bars can stall weight loss in some people, so if you find you don't lose the week following eating bars, then you need to cut them down. They stalled my weight loss, so now I have one on weigh in day as a treat.

Good luck with the weightloss, this really is a fantastic diet. x


S: 18st8lb C: 18st8lb G: 9st9lb BMI: 42 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks everyone for the replys, porgeous i understand fully lol, glad to know i can have more than 1 tetra i thought they were restricted to just 1 per day. Trace72, i got told by my CDC that you can have bars from week 2 onwards. ZoBo i think i will see how i go as its all a learning curve but yes if my weight stall's i think i will take your advice and just have one as a treat lol :)

Thanks for the great advice everyone :D

Nessy xx


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Hi hun,

Have you tried porridge yet? If you still lose whilst having porridge you will be fine with the bars, personally i only like the peanut ones which are the lowest in carbs so i just stick to them and i don't think it has affected my losses at all but everyone is different. As the others have said play it by ear. For the first few weeks avoid the flavorings too if poss, once ketosis is properly established you should be fine, i used to split 1 tsp between 2 litres of water and that tasted fine to me, also try the flavorings in sparkling water that tastes lovely.

Good luck xxx
Flavourings kept me out of ketosis and when read booklet I noticed they also said only from week 3 (like the bars) and 1 tsp a day .. It was only when I cut everything out aside from shakes/tetras that I managed to go into ketosis. My CDC told me only 1 tetra a day as they're too 'concentrated' (?).. still don't understand that but I stick to one a day. Good luck and hope info helps! x