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When snacking comes on what do you do


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Drink water and eat vegetables!! I believe they are free of points on WW arent they?
I snack on: raw carrots, raw cauliflower, fruit (apples are particularly good for curbing sugar cravings), snack-a-jack popcorn (1/2 point per pack of salted), snack-a-jacks (2 points)...erm can't remember anything else :eek: will think about it and come back when I remember more!!
Thanks starlight

You are a life saver i have got some of those crisps called morrisons crispy thins low fat i will have to get some melba toasts not bad 1 point for 6 toasts when you keep a track of your points do you write everything in a note book or how do you go on if find writing everything down in detail a bit boring


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Well yes could have some beans on toast or something like that as well as my tea but would have to make sure i dont have alot of points for the snack
Why not:confused: Aren't you allowed to on WW? I thought you could use the points as you wanted:confused: Aren't you allowed beans on toast for a snack?
Karion youre exactly right you can have more than one meal if you want the main thing is keeping to your points. You can use them any way you like so long as you keep within them.

Theres really no reason to be hungry or not to be able to eat with them.

You can have more than one dinner if its going to help use your points up. Id count beans on toast as a very low point snack, not something that would help me use up lots if I was struggling
Its not a case of you SHOULD be having another meal but if youre feeling the need to snack AND youre struggling to use your points then it makes sense to.

You can eat WHATEVER you want so long as its all within your points. If you have 6 or 7 left at night and are still hungry then theres no point having an apple, having another meal just makes sense


Gone fishing
Have a glass of milk bethany and tomorrow add something with higher points to your meals. Maybe some olive oil, or cheese.
Thanks Karion
I will have to do something cant keep not having all my points else i will be hungry.
Thanks for your help i like cheese but dont eat it much
You are really helpful and trying to help me use my points

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