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When the heck do you start to see it?

Hey folks, since I very first started dieting (in october) i've lost just under two stone, I've gone from 16s 2 to 14s 4, yet I can't see any difference...

I have a feeling I've lost fat around the chest, but nothing particularly impressive and nothing particularly noticable either, everywhere else is still the same as ever. I measured my waist earlier and I'm still 40 on that, and I've most certainly not lost any fat around the face/neck region.

Still 25lbs to go I suppose, but it'd be nice to start seeing some difference after getting this far!
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From what I gather of what I've read on here (and in my own experience) .. changes aren't noticed until about 3 stones in.x
3 stones in? Wow.

*does maths*

I suppose at the current rate of 2lbs a week thats only 8 weeks away.
Can't afford a camera ¬_¬

Though I have been spending lots of time infront of the mirror!


Don't worry, be happy :)
I think it's hard to see the weight you've lost yourself as it's the whole 'i see me everyday' scenario so you don't notice slightly changes over a long period. I bet others have noticed your weight loss, whether they have said so or not.
Well done on the 2 stone by the way it's a big achievement, and it's great to see you still have enthusiams for losing more even though you think there is no difference. :D
I have lost just over 2 stone, and although I can't see any difference,I know I've lost weight because my work clothes are looser.:)

Other people have told me they can see the difference in me,I just wish I could.
i lost 2.5stone a few years ago, and i couldnt see any difference at all, but i have put 2 stone back on now, and can see the difference, looking back at photos i look alot slimer and those cloths dont fit me anymore :(

so no im looking at those pics all the time to remind me i can do it :) and will be hitting the gym 27th dec! no point in waiting till the 1st of jan
It will show

Stick with it. I felt like that too until about 3 stone in and then it really started to change. I think the photos are a good idea and they help others too.
King flab- disposable ones will do fine, lots of places do them buy 1 get 1 free.
I used to feel the same and hated photos and couldn't find any before ones until my friend admitted she had a couple if I really wanted to see them!
I've now bought a digital camera, not afraid of pics any more. Lots of good deals around. You can download the pics and can delete any you don't like.
Maybe you'll get some money for Christmas.
Good luck.
well done on loosing that much already
my friend lost 6stone in 2years and although it was slow it was when she lost 4stone that we all properly noticed
camera's are the best way to notice changes...mobile phone cameras do a good job :)
I'm at the 2st 2lb off mark. Yay!!! I really notice it in clothing. Stuff that used to be girded on me is now comfortably loose. try some stuff on that you couldn't get into before, you might be pleasantly surprised.:D
Aye, thats was a good idea. I tried a shirt on earlier which never used to fit, does now!

And bugger, I've gained two pounds today... epic party boozing = not good for weight loss. I just hope its temporary!


Carpe diem, baby!
and will be hitting the gym 27th dec! no point in waiting till the 1st of jan
Me too, have an hour with me personal trainer wheeee!

And the fit of clothes usually denotes difference and other people usually can see differences...as people have said, take pics or get peeps to takes pics of you (no matter how little you want to see them yikes! I still hate photos being taken of me) Believe there is difference a big one in two stone...the firther down you get the more noticeable it gets, I don't have to lose much weight now for people to notice and even at 10 and a half stone down to where I am now, people thought I had lost loads of weight...nope, just toned up loads...
I feel your pain.

I have now lost 3 stone and 6lbs and see no difference at all in the mirror.

My clothes are loose but people can't really see it either, it's very disheartening but i'm sure it'll be noticable soon ... I hope!

A x
I've just realised you're quite tall, which also means it'll be less noticable. I generally find the taller you are the less noticable weight fluctuations are; which is both a good and a bad thing.

I'm not very tall so half a stone loss is easier to see on me than it is on someone who's 4/5+ inches taller. But it also means people notice when I've gained weight a lot easier!


Personal Trainer
oh hun...dont despair :cry:

i will notice for you.....my god you look great!!! ...have you last weight?? ;)

hang in there...i am sure other people have noticed....and maybe just havent commented??? wait till you see someone you havent seen for ages :)

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