Total Solution when to do a Weigh in?

Discussion in 'Exante' started by Lindzz, 7 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. Lindzz

    Lindzz Full Member

    If I started on a Tuesday, would I do the WI on Monday night or Tuesday morning? Thanks!
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  3. TAUPE

    TAUPE Full Member

    It's really up to you, but I started on a Monday, so weigh myself Monday mornings.
  4. Lindzz

    Lindzz Full Member

    Ah okay so either way it doesn't matter? Thanks :)
  5. Want2BeSlim

    Want2BeSlim Gold Member

    Personally I would weigh on Tuesday morning.
    I have no idea if it's true or not but I've previously been told we can weigh heavier as the day goes on so weighing in the evening could give a higher number and so it's best to weigh first thing before eating/drinking and preferably after going to the loo. If you weighed yourself on Tuesday morning just gone then try weigh yourself next Tuesday at around the same time.
  6. Lindzz

    Lindzz Full Member

    Thanks luv2bslim :)
  7. mrsdkt2012

    mrsdkt2012 Full Member

    I started last Tuesday and will weigh myself in the morning :) x
  8. Lindzz

    Lindzz Full Member

    Same :) exciting stuff
  9. mrsdkt2012

    mrsdkt2012 Full Member

    Good luck on your first weigh in! x
  10. Lindzz

    Lindzz Full Member

    Thankyou! :) decided to skip this week and do it next week instead as I only found out my actual weight 2 days ago. Hope you have a good weigh in :)

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