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I am only in week one of LL and my daughter thought it would be a marvellous idea if we joined a gym
I want to know when can i make the most of my membership coz the foundation book says that we can do it but they have said at the gym that only gentle ie swimming exercise is gonna be ok for me and i really wanted to do the boogiesise and spinning classes so have any of you out there carried on regardless and am i likely to flake out if i go too mad or will i just burn off more fat calories
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Yep, i have done all and went for a two hr bike ride today with daughter, as long as you are up to it, and your body will tell you if you are not, just take note of what your body is saying and if one day you are feeling worn out then chill, there is always tomorrow, i do 3 to 4 days a week, good luck.


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They do like you to give your body a few weeks to get used to the diet, I would certainly take it steady as your body is not going to be used to working on low calories. You could become dizzy and feel sick if you do too much.
You must listen to your body as soon as it gives you a sign you must stop.
I am walking more and using an eliptical trainer, though taking it easy.
Whenever I do something physically taxing it slows down my weight loss, I even put on 2lbs once after a hard working weekend in the garden.

Although it is good to excercise to firm up, don't be disappointed if you don't lose the weight you were expecting to shed.


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I swam for the first few weeks until I felt less weak and tired and my energy levels picked up. Then I started doing exercise DVDs but keeping my effort relatively low. I've also walked to work (4 miles) several times and have been walking over 10 miles on a Sunday morning for a few weeks. I bought a bike and started out with a 5 mile ride and then built up to cycling to work once a week. I've also been doing yoga (not Astanga - I think that would make me dizzy) Last weekend (end of week 15) I cycled about 15 miles without feeling a thing. So I think as long as you build consistently and steadily you can cope with quite a lot - the most common mistake new gym members make is throwing themselves in too fast and either injuring themselves or burning out with unrealistic expectations. I know that someone on here used to do Body Pump regularly after a few weeks of starting LL and she had great results - so it really won't be long until you can build exercise classes in to your routine. Just as a word of advice, maybe have a quiet word with the instructor beforehand that you might just have to take it down a notch if it gets too much.

The reason I say this is that the last thing you want if you do feel a bit weak is someone yelling at you to take it up a notch - In the past I've had a Body Pump instructor who yelled at me to use heavier weights (a different instructor had done the same thing a few weeks previously and I was too much of a wimp to tell her that I didn't want to and I had pulled my back) so I had to tell her quite firmly that I was aware of what I could and couldn't lift.


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S: 17st2lb C: 11st10lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st6lb(31.67%)
Oh - and the exercise has speeded up my weight loss rather than slowed it down - the weeks where I exercise less are the weeks when I lose less.
The first few weeks I did very little & for the first time in my life learned to listen to my body. After about week two my enegry levels picked up (wondered if they ever would!) so I was able to do more. I get my excercise at my allotment - digging workd 500 cals an hour! but am considering doing yoga to firm up & streatch muscles. My weight loss has been slower some weeks but I have regular tests via my gp referral woman which shows muscle gained, water retention etc...great if you have low losses cos you can see fat loss! At the end of the day LL is a whole joyrney & excercise should be a part of keeping weight off but just go gently!! Good luck & keep us updated!


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As has been said in your other replies, do your exercise but listen to your body and stop/slow down if necessary. I started by doing a couple of gym sessions and pilates now I'm doing pilates, gym and 3 classes of aqua a week. It is best to build up to it, give your body time to get used to it.


Don't Know How Many Times I Am Gonna Have To Thank You Guys Over The Coming Weeks!!!!!!
But You Are A Great Help
Having A Stressful Day Already
The Washing Machine Has Broken Down Again So I Now Have To Go Cross Country To All My Friends/relatives Farming Out The Laundry!!!!!!
Will Take Your Comments On Board And Wait For The Energy To Kick In(when Does That Happen)
Feeling A Bit Lethargic At The Moment Though So I Will Take It Easy
Many Thanks


has started again!!
Hi Nicky, I found my second week was when my energy levels increased, after the initial slump. I was always one who every day dozed on the sofa after tea, then sat and watched TV all night before tumbling into bed! No life at all, really.

Well, I've not plucked up the courage for a gym (also no money at mo!) but I never sleep on the sofa now, I stay up later, I use my lateral thigh trainer (which is the best piece of exercise equipment I have ever bought - def not one for the charity shop like all the other stuff LOL!!), and next week I am hoping to join a weekly aquarobics class.

This is truly the best diet, and energy abounds, how ever, I must agree that you have to listen to your body, an if you need to slow down or even stop then DO!!

Oh, and sorry about the WM, mine died over XMas once - what a pig that was!!


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