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When to exercise?


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Hi everyone, was just wondering when people started introducing exercise into their cd lifestyle?

I used to run a lot (not that you'd of ever known by my size as was eating more), however i'd like to get back into it and maybe a few body pump classes and swimming.

Have heard conflicting views about it affecting weight loss and also burning way too much for the amount we are putting into our bodies. Any suggestions of what i can do or when to start a regime of some sort? x
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Hey hun, I just do whatever exercise I want as and when I want to. Have been running a fair bit recently, also I regularly do pilates and aquafit each week. Am doing Race for Life on Sunday and intend to run most of it. I am doing SS but on days where I exercise I have an SS+ meal to give me a little more energy. I have to say having done exercise on SS I didn't have any problems but I did feel like I wasn't able to put quite as much energy into it, if ya know what I mean.

I should say though that I am seeing a pattern. Whether or not I SS+ (instead of SS) on exercise days, the next morning after my exercise the scales don't tend to show that I have lost weight. I have read that this may be due to muscle gain and water retention to support the muscles, so I don't let it get me down, but I must admit that I have cut back on the cardio stuff since SSing as that is what seems to cause the stall as opposed to less energetic toning exercises!

I think CD advise not to do more than you are used to in the first few weeks, but to continue with what you were doing before (if you were exercising before). If you werent exercising before they suggest building up your fitness level gradually- but to be honest if you had never exercised before, whether or not you were on a diet you would be best off building yourself up slowly rather than trying to do too much and injuring yourself!! So I would say just do what you feel able and comfy with hun.

Hope this is helpful in some way xx
Hiya! I think that's good advice... I was having the same dilemma, as I used to go spinning twice a week (hardcore!) as well as a yoga class. I'm on wk3 and have continued with the yoga, that's been fine, but I'm a bit worried about the spinning as it's pretty strenuous. My CDC says that I should be OK to go back but I'm going to take it easy. Went swimming yesterday and it almost wiped me out, either I dont have much energy or I'm totally unfit (probably the latter!)

Cardio-wise, I'd propbably start with start with somthing gentle that you can ease yourself into and go at your own pace-being able to stop when you need to. You know best what you can or can't do, and if you feel somethings not right then you can slow down or stop.



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Thanks both of you for your advice, think i'll take it easy this week as have been feeling a bit under the weather and then try swimming next week and maybe one body pump class.x

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