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When to go into management...

Hey mini's

A question for you about when to go into management.

I understand that many people continue to lose in management. I'd set myself a goal of moving to management when I had a stone left to final target weight. I'd actually lowered this goal by a stone, from my original target, and now trying to get my head around 'have I lowered it too much?'

I've just looked over all of my numbers and dates and realised that if I lose an average of 3lb per week I shall be 12st 7 at end of July. My end goal is 10st 7. I've absolutely no idea if this is too low for me. I will have a BMI of 23 at 10st 7, so that's definitely not too low as far as general health is concerned, but I really don't know if that's just too low - I'm almost 5ft 8 and have a large frame. Will I be really happy at 11st 7? What will I look like at 11st 7??? Absolutely no idea what 10st 7 could look like!!!

I guess my thinking is 'don't go into management until you're only 1st away from your ideal target weight'. Is this the right approach? Could I lose more than a stone in management?

I'd had my heart set at going into management end of July, my numbers at a 3lb average loss are now saying I will be 12st 7 at that stage, and not the 11st 7 that I was hoping for!!!

Is it going to be far better for me to just wait until end of July and make the decision then? I'm pretty confused about the whole thing and really want to get an end date in sight.

Any thoughts from those either in management already or developers getting close to their goals? Did anyone change their goals at this stage, and if so, what prompted the change?

Thanks in advance :D
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Mrs Lard

Silver Member
Hi Tiger Girl

While I am not yet ready to go into management, I can advise what our LLC has said (and she has done the programme herself, not just for the franchise). She advised everyone to get into management when they 'feel' ready; she said it's hard when everyone is complimenting you and suggesting you have gone as far as you need to but only you can tell. And the great thing about management is that you can go into it at any time. She suggests using the bath test ie you might look great in clothes but do you feel great in the bath? You'll know when you are ready, apparently.

She has also suggested that we lose all the weight we want to before embarking on management. Apparently, some people do lose more but others do not.

I think AmandaJayne also said that if you go into management with more weight to lose, you have a lot to think about - management is challenging enough without having to worry about those last pounds.

I'm glad you've asked this question because I am really struggling right now. I have no idea how long I am going to be in development because I haven't ever sustained a low weight, even the one I am at right now. If I use BMI as a guide it could be another two-three months.

Of course, there is also the issue of exercise; the weight loss slows right down, apparently, once you start exercising but one of my blogging friends has just lost 7 stone on LL and is still going strong, with loads of exercise.

I guess, Tiger Girl, there is no right answer because we are all different but AJ and Goombagirl will probably point you in the right direction.

Good luck.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Silver Member
S: 17st2lb C: 11st10lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st6lb(31.67%)
I'm exactly like you in that I have no idea what the 'number' is that I need to be. It is good, psychologically to have a firm goal - especially whilst you have a long way to go - as you pointed out in my post, I have about 30lbs to go until I am a weight at which I know I will be very slim and a healthy BMI - (my Mum who is the same height and build as I am looks amazing under 10st but it can be unsustainable) however - I might start to feel slim enough in 14 lbs time (about 10.5st). I have 10lbs to go until I am BMI 25 - so I need to monitor how I feel. I have noticed that my body fat has dropped to about 27-29 recently and that my hydration level now stands at about 50% for the first time ever so I know my body compositon is close to where it should be for a healthy adult - I have also discovered recently that if you have a waist measurement of less than 31 ins and a BMI of over 25 but under 30 then you can count yourself at the same health risk level as someone at a BMI of under 25. But I know that if I stopped here, I would be unhappy with the few extra pounds I am still carrying around my tummy, each thigh and my bust. (But how great is is that I can actually see that it is just a few pounds of fat rather than an acre of flesh!) So I make that 5lbs for my tummy, 5lbs for my bust and about 3lbs for each thigh! So I have planned to stay in development for the next 4 weeks at least (my counsellor is away and I don't want to go into management under a locum and whilst my LLC is not contactable mid-week) but I am prepared to stop when it feels right rather than when I hit a number.

I shall now start upping my exercise to try to change my muscle tone - so the numbers may be worth ignoring for a little while whilst I go through that process!

When I first started I set myself a goal of 11st. Once I realised how powerful LL was I decided to try to see what 9 and a half stone was like - after all - I got into the mess in the first place from trying and failing at diet after diet to get there - I might as well see what all the fuss was about.

There are three factors to take into account in terms of your goals I guess:

Health (most important)
Self-esteem - when you start to feel good about your shape enough to maintain it well

So - for me the general plan is to stick with development until the last week in July (I have to come out of ketosis for a minor operation at the beginning of August so I figure that that's as good a point as any to definitely stop by!) - Also I want to be eating relatively normal food by the time I go to a festival in early September so the timing sort of works. It also gives me a couple of months of maintenance before Christmas to make sure I have my habits are in check before the season of over-indulgence kicks off!

The plan is still to get down to 9st 7 and this will be done partly through development and about 7bs will have to come off in maintenance. As I am having my wisdom teeth out during maintenance I am assuming that my inability to eat lots for a couple of weeks will help this process along.

As for your situation - In my opinion - I have a lot of 5ft 8 friends and I have made dresses for a lot of people at that height - I think (in general! only you will really know) that people at that height can carry 11st very well and start to look 'skinny' at 10st 4 ish so you might want to take a look at what 10st 7 feels like and adjust your weight upwards accordingly (AJ has written some really interesting things recently on how thin people have that choice to put on a few pounds or take them off again becuase they are in enough control over their eating for it not to be an ordeal)
Thanks loads Mrs L :)
Yes, I guess it is all about evaluating as you go. If I'm being really honest I know that when I get to 12st 7 I will not be ready, in terms of what I look like physically. And I really just don't want to mess up having got this far!!

My LLC has said that your weight can plateau and she regrets not losing a final 7lb before she went into management as she's never been able to lose it! And she also reckons that a 7lb 'swing' is normal for her now that she's been maintaining for a year.

7 weeks to go until the end of July so I guess I'll have to see where I am when I get to that point.
Sarah - thanks. That's really really helpful.

Someone at work (same height as me) told me they were 11st 7 and I was shocked! I thought they were much lighter than that! I guess I have no clue really what 11st 7 and 10st 7 could feel like/look like for me, so the only way is to evaluate as I start to reach the 11's.

I'll be in the 13's next week, and it's been quite a while since I've visited that weight range.

I also think it's pretty tough mentally right now. I can't quite connect what I look like with what I feel like if I'm being honest.

I too readjusted my goals (ie made them lower) when I realised just how powerful LL was. I guess aiming for the right weight before management is a good shout!

Thanks for all of your advice :D
Hi Tiger Girl, just to echo what the others have said; the time to do management is when you feel ready. My LLC said that ideally you should get to the weight you want to be first to avoid the pressure of needing to lose weight. I originally aimed for about 9 st as I had been that before and knew it was about right for my height(5'5'') and frame (small). I got to 9.4 at the end of foundation (which was fine- could have happily stayed that) and went into management. I seem to have settled at 8.11 but may well end up higher as I'm about to start the trigger weeks(!). It has been good to tackle eating not having to worry about putting on a couple of pounds. There has been a lot to think about and I'm happy to have separated the weight loss bit from the food bit. Good luck!

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