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When to move from SS to 790?

I just realised I'm now half a pound away from BMI 25 plus a stone. (That's if I worked it out correctly! I'm 5ft 5 and 11st 10.5lbs today)

Does this mean I should be moving onto 790 or is it ok to continue to SS?

My CDC hasn't even mentioned 790 to me at all! I'd rather stick with SS for a bit longer unless I really shouldn't, I have AAM starting next Saturday. Would it be ok to SS this week, AAM from next Saturday for a week and then move up to 790? Or would it even be ok to SS down to 10st 7lbs then do 790? I'm guessing the answer to the last question will be a no ;)

Thanks in advance if anyone can help

Mocha xx

PS: CDC has never mentioned AAM either, if thats relevant!
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Hi there

Advice I have received has been mixed, I made the decision to move up at BMI 25 +1 as I need to be eating relatively normally by Christmas but I think the actual guidelines say that you have to BMI 25 +1 to start SS, if you are already SSing I think you can continue until your BMI is about 26 and then you have to move up.

Good luck with whatever you decide.

someone clever told me that if you SS after BMI 25 you start burning muscle and not fat - not good eh?
I reckon i'll SS all the way down to BMI 25/26ish just to get the "bulk" off my butt xxx
Thanks everyone for the helpful replies :)

After reading what you've all said, I think I'll SS to BMI 26 which will take me to 11st 2lbs, then will do my AAM week, then move to 790. Does this sound ok?

It means I will delay my AAM by about 2 weeks but I'm thinking it might make sense to do an extra week or two of SS then the AAM & straight onto 790 rather than doing AAM, back to SS for a week, then 790. If you followed that you deserve a medal :p


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Hey Mocha, we sound pretty similar, I'm 5'6" and currently 11st 11lbs. My BMI will be about 25 at 11st ish but want to get to 10st 7lbs by xmas and don't think I'll get there if I have to move up a plan :( My weight loss isn't the fastest as it is and I think it'll slow down alot on a higher plan. Will just have to see what my cdc suggests. Good luck with your journey though, I'm sure things will work out fine for you :)


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good point cdc :) Really hpe it's the case for me :D Do you have to do aamw? or can you continue on ss?


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Thanks Linda, hopefully I'll still have a decent weight loss on it, start it on Tuesday :)
Nessie, yes we are almost the same weight and heading for the same goal by Christmas! Good luck with your AAM on Tuesday, I hope it goes well. I'm just going to stick to SS this week then decide on Saturday (which is when AAM should start) whether to do AAM or delay it a week or two so I can go straight to 790 after it. I'll obviously mention this to my CDC and see what she says too, but like I said she has never even mentioned AAM to me, never mind when to start moving up :)

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