When to start RTM?


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I've had it in my mind that I want to hit goal before I start RTM (and if when I get to goal I find I still have more to lose, I would be continuing abstinence).

I know some folk have started RTM before hitting goal, with the intention of losing more during RTM.

Which is the more common?

To be honest, I can't see me starting RTM before being happy with my weight, as I've wanted to be thin for too long to start rtm a few weeks earlier but it would be interesting to know what the "norm" is.

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Hi Andy

I started my RTM earlier than I planned. I have now changed to weight watchers to finsh off because I am happy with how I look now and although I want to lose a little more it is not the be all and end all... I have maintained so far (apart from a couple of pounds of glycogen when I came out of ketosis). It is a very individual decision... go with your heart :)

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I also wanted to hit my goal before starting on rtm.
I would have liked to have lost another half a stone, but I felt I had reached the end of the road in abstinence, so I changed my goal.
If you can keep going until you get to where you are happiest, that will be better for you.
I did hope I would lose more in rtm, but I didn't follow it properly, others I know who did follow it, achieved better results.