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When will I stop being hungry????


Loves being slim!
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I'm getting a bit down about this. I was hoping after day 3/4 that my appetite would subside a bit, but I'm strating day 6, and roughly 2 and a half hours after a shake I am ravenous again.
We went to a theme park yesterday, I was good, no junk food, donuts anything. I had a shake for breakfast at 8.30, by 11 it was painful, so I had a lunch shake at 11.45. by 2.30 I was hungry again, so had a tea, with a tiny dash of milk (I feel sick if I drink it totally black when I'm hungry.) Managed to hold off till 4 when I asked the restaraunt there to make me a chicken salad, no dressing just lettuce and chicken. I'm on SS+ so thats acceptable. Came home and had a butterscotch shake for supper.

I know it's not lack of water, as I was carrying bottles, sipping all day, and was in the loo every time we came off a ride, sometimes more lol.

I need it to stop, it's going to make me break if it doesn't stop soon. It's not just hungry, it's painfully hungry.

I was wondering if it's because I'm doing SS+ and so having a small meal, perhaps my stomach isn't getting used to less? (Although without that meal I'd have killed someone by now!)

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Hey petal, I just want to say hang in there and it will be fine. It's just the food devil playing games with your mind. Try having warm drinks when you are feeling hungry , they seem to settle my grumbles compared to just cold water. I tend to have warm water or redbush tea and it does help. It will get better .

Much love

Hi have you thought about going up to the 810 plan and staying there until you feel ready to move down the plans ?? I am on 810 and finding i am hardly hungry at all.Have decided to stay there for a month and see how my weight loss is before moving down ??
I had a really big appeitite before starting and must say after about day 4 as long as i drink my water i have no problems.
Let me know how you do :)


almost skinny
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oh, I just wanted to ask the same question!

It's our 7th day now and we're getting hungrier every day. It's not that I crave for junk or anything, I'm just really very hungry and feel weaker by the day. An this while the third day was a breeze.
I'm going to switch to the SS+ after meeting up with our CDC and then hopefully next week to 810, but my husband still has quite a while of SS of SS+ to go...

We did Atkins four years ago, could it be that we're ketosis-resistant?


Loves being slim!
S: 13st3lb C: 8st13lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 4st4lb(32.43%)
I've not considered the 810, but will chat to my cdc on tues about it. I need to have as little choice as possible though, so in theory SS and SS+ are ideal.
I'm going to try more hot drinks for the next day or so and see if that helps. Can i still have a drop of milk to colour my tea? I mean literally a drop.

I think I'm just disapointed as I'd heard that after 3 or so days you stop feeling hungry, and I wanted that to happen so I could get on with working out why I ate so much. Apparantly I was actually hungry after all the whole time!
Have a chat with your CDC, but i think that you need to decided in the long run that prehaps a small meal in the evenings may make the difference to staying on CD till the end or giving up or worse giving in eating all the wrong things :eek:. I find i just stick to chicken and white fish, with green veg or green salad, and low fat/calorie dressings.Must admit my taste buds are not liking tea at the moment so not usuing all the milk i am allowed. :)
Have you checked if you are in ketosis? I would have thought you were by now, but maybe as you are SS+ it might take a bit longer (not really sure as I don't know enough about SS+). Anyway, I really hope that it gets better for you soon. Good idea to chat with your CDC about maybe going up the plans a bit till you get used to a lower amount of food? x


almost skinny
S: 11st10lb C: 10st1lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 22.8 Loss: 1st9lb(14.02%)
last night I was awaken by the growling of my own stomach, it was incredibly loud :D


Gold Member
i had this problem too hon. i was ravenous for a long time. but apparently that's unusual and after the first week you should stop getting the hunger pangs. also remember that a lot of it is psychological and craving rather than hunger. although it doesn't sound like that's your situation here...

i have just moved up onto 810 and i can tell you that it is almost as restricted at ss+. there really isn't much in it and the losses are supposed to be about the same. It sounds like moving up to that might be an idea until your stomach shrinks a wee bit...

good luck honey. i hope things get better for you soon :) also, if you've been active that might have something to do with it!! i timed starting cd with my hols from work and was so glad i did as i was so lethargic i didn't want to move!!

abz xx
well it's now day 7 for me

and yesterday was the worse that i've felt for hunger.

i even admited it to hubby, i could have killed for the sunday dinner

but i didn't

instead i made a lovely face pack

1 teaspoon castor oil
4 teaspoons olive oil,

mix the 2 together, then rub a bit between your palms to warm it, massage into face and neck, lie on bed for 15 mins, whilst hubby eats nice dinner.

then take a face cloth run under very warm, not hot water, ring out, and place over face till cloth cools, wipe face then repeat 3 more times.

leave face for about an hour, as it is a bit greasy, then wash, cleanse tone and moisturise as usual and lovely clean skin today.

So it took my mind of dinner
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now that face pack sounds good!!!, think i might if time and kids permit have a bit of me time this afternoon


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I think maybe I'm a bit weird, but I actually kinda like the growling of my stomach - it just reminds me what I'm doing and why I'm doing it. I don't actually feel hungry when my tummy's rumbling, it just makes me laugh :D. Yep, I'm officially crazy :rotflmao:


Laugh in the face of food
S: 17st11lb C: 14st9lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 32.1 Loss: 3st2lb(17.67%)
Cheers hun lol:D
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How are you today Uniqua?


Loves being slim!
S: 13st3lb C: 8st13lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 4st4lb(32.43%)
Today was better. We were at another theme park, but for some reason once I'd had my 12.30 shake I was fine. I got home about 7ish and had tuna. I'm hoping thats me past the worst. It really was pure physical hunger that day, I didn't want to eat in my head, I was resisting well, but my stomach growled and felt like it was eating itself. The shakes were doing nothing to help.

Today I resisted all the junk food and donuts with no issue. We stopped for a tea about 4 ish and all was well.
I won't say I couldn't have murdered a burger or something if I had half a chance, but the fact I went from 12.30 till 7 (I only had a soup left and couldn't drink it cold) without eating a passing child or feeling really sick with hunger was a massive improvement. I wasn't in need of food, and I was ready for my dinner when I got in.

Thanks for getting me through it. Lets hope tomorrow is the same as today and I might have cracked it!
I'm on week 2 and as a chocoholic I though that would be what I craved but it's actually been crusty bread and cheese. Which is the same thing I craved when I was pregnant, and no I'm not before anyone asks! I think it is psychological as I don't feel hungry just want to eat. I find drinking black coffee really helps rather than a cold drink as someone else said earlier. Keeping busy and reading this forum is also a good way of keeping out of the fridge! :D
I know what you mean - last night in bed i had horrible hungar pangs they really painful as well but didnt get up just stayed in bed and it soon passed, makes me wonder if its just possibly my stomach is not liking being empty!

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